Sunday, July 30, 2017

[gita-talk] Pathmeda - Asia's Largest Gausahala facing SERIOUS problems



Please check the news report of serious problems to the cows due to extended period of heavy flooding in Asia's largest Gaushala -  Pathmeda,  Rajasthan  -  

Please contribute generously to this very heart breaking cause.   Details provided below.    Please do not contact us,  as we have no connection with this or any other gaushala.    




Ram Ram   

हमने यदि अब भी दान नही दिया तो व्यर्थ है हमारा लाखों रुपयों का पैकेज और हमारी आमदनी जो इन असहायों के काम न आई!!


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Thursday, July 13, 2017

[gita-talk] Why to turn away from the world which is God's first incarnation ? Why differentiation among the various incarnations ?


There are two view points:  

One is that the world (creation, Nature (lower and higher nature),  actions, objects,  enjoyment of pleasures, suffering of pain, the three bodies (gross, subtle, causal) etc are all the first incarnation of God  (aadhi avataar).  

The second point is that we have to turn towards God and turn away from the world.  I understand that we have to turn towards God,  but to turn away from God's very first incarnation, the world, this part is difficult to understand.  

When we have to turn away from God's very first incarnation,  then why not from all the other incarnations ?   There is differentiating even among the various incarnations ?   Why so ?   Who will explain this ?  



दो कथन हैं :
एक यह कि यह संसार (जगत, सृष्टि, प्रकृति (परा और अपरा), क्रिया और पदार्थ, सुख-भोग, दुःख-भोग, तीनों शरीर आदि, आदि) परमात्माका आद्यावतार है। 
दूसरा यह कि हमें संसारसे विमुख होना है और भगवान् के सम्मुख होना है। 
भगवान् के सम्मुख होना है, यह तो समझ आया किन्तु संसारसे (भगवान् के आद्य (सबसे पहला, शुरूका) अवतारसे) विमुख होना है, समझ नहीं आया। 
जब आद्यावतारसे ही विमुख होना है फिर बादके अवतारोंसे क्यों नहीं? अवतारोंमें भी भेद-भाव? क्यों?
इसे कौन समझायेगा?


Hari Om

You are asked to turn away from the world - sure - but if you see not the world but the God only in the world , who prevents ? Your eye should be set on the God. That is what a Bhakta does. Yes- the world is first incarnation of God. So worship it, who prevents ? You worship God, isn't it ? Instead of worshipping, if you start enjoying the same - who will pardon you ? Hence you are asked to withdraw !!! 

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B 


Kya bina vimukh hue manav ko nirvan nahi mil sakta hai ?

chaman nigam


"Turning away from world" and "Looking out for God"

The notions "Turning away from world" and "looking out for God" are paradoxical and self-contradictory as they are set opposed to their very objective of attaining all-pervasive presence capsule within the notion of God. There is no room for discrepancies in All-Pervasive Reality. Therefore, no discrimination could be left in ITS true appreciation.

All forms in the universe are like the vortices in a stream! In spite of their strikingly distinct appearance, they can neither synergize nor sustain their appearance without being absolutely fused into the very flow they rise from. Elemental flow gains a form when captive within a personalized image; but remains universally divine, not bound to/by any form in other words, irrespectively. Therefore, formal appearance is merely a formality while the vital flow that sustains the same remains the SOLE REALITY.

Having lost in our formal dependence, we accept the formal reality as ultimate and ignore the elemental reality that synergizes the same as well as the cosmic reality that absorbs the same all through its existence. Forms ARE only because and only until the elements happen to build them and the cosmos happens to hold them! An insistent form turns the otherwise monolithic continuum into an hourglass existence keeping its own non-existent presence holding its infinite stretch into the cosmos on one side and its infinitesimal subsistence in its elemental roots on the other side. How can such a non-existent point hold two unfathomably infinite and infinitesimal dominions to claim its own existence? Because, it is the same divinity that pervades the universe in its elemental stretch that happens to flow through this point as well. The secret of universal integrity is its all-pervasive basis that absorbs its elemental stretch, formal scatter as well as cosmic expanse!

It is but obvious that any notion can only perceive a side of anything. An eye can see only one surface of a coin exposed to it. Therefore, it is but instinctive for us to pair notions in order to balance their lopsidedness on their own. Because there exists a notion of a "form", a notion of a "formless" is borrowed in an attempt to defuse the notional bias in their union. But, the very notion of their mutual dissimilarity becomes the hourglass point holding them apart not allowing them lose their bipolar separation within our vision. A vision biased by a structured existence discards a formless state as a myth and a vision biased toward a formless exuberance attempts to reject forms as an illusion. When the hourglass point realizes its own dissolution in the very flow that absorbs its elemental roots as well as its cosmic  presence, there exists neither a cosmos nor an element.

One who feels the divine basis for the very person perceiving from within (Adhyaatma), will verily feel The Divine in ITS elemental subtleties (Adhibhoota) as well as in ITS trans-celestial exuberance (Adhidaiva)! The trifurcated perception realizes its eternal dissolution in THE TRUTH as it learns to embrace ITS tri-fold appearance through the elements (Bhoota), the form at their confluence (Aatma) as well as the divine cosmos that absorbs them all (Daiva). Where is the need to turn away from anything when there is no need to look out for anything in particular?!

Naga Narayana.


Hari SharaNam,
To me, this is that question which has been going for ever and will be going for ever. This is the the seed of all the isms/philosophies/religions/sampradaayas and their divisions/subdivisions and therefore the cultures and conflicts in the world. Respecting all the isms and assuming each one leads to the same TRUTH which is free from any ism and sticking to the word of Lord KrishNa "NA BUDDHIBHEDAM JANYET" (Gita-3/26), I will avoid giving any direct answer. But, if this is really a burning question for you, I will suggest you to study Bhagavad Gita completely which has attracted all the isms to resolve their conflicts and find their true answers in past and it will continue to be playing the the same role in the future.
May all be blessed!
Niteesh Dubey


Dear Sadhakas,
Hare Krishna,

This is in response to a question from a Sadhaka regarding the world, nature and the body.
The body with its feelings, positive as well as negative, is called " Kshetra. The person who knows this is called " Kshetrajna." , the Paramatma. This was well described in the thirteenth chapter of Bhagavad Gita.

The Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita ,

"Nirasir yata cittatma,
tyakta sarva parigrahah
Sariram kevalam karma,
Kurvan napnoti kilbisham."
     ( Gitaji, 4, 21)

which means,

"The person who believes that this body is meant for action,(Karma) only, gives up sense of proprietorship and acts with no desires, mind firmly fixed on the Supreme, is not affected by any sinful reactions.."

This body should be used as a vehicle for spiritual advancement. All the senses given to us by Him, should be used for devotional service. With the eyes we see his beautiful form. With the ears, we hear His glories. With the tongue we chant His Holy Names. With the nose we smell the beautiful aroma. With the skin we touch His holy feet. With mind and intelligence we concentrate on Him.

Prahlada Maharaja describes in Maha Bhagavatam,   nine ways of devotional service.

" Sravanam Kirtanam Vishno,
Smaranam padasevanam,
Archanam vandanam dasyam,
Sakhyam atmanivedanam."

which means.

' Hearing, chanting, thinking of Him, serving the lotus feet, worshipping, offering respects, ,becoming His servant, serving Him as a friend and the last one, total surrender.'

If we use this body and its senses in His service, then nothing is a waste. 

Thank you.

Prasad A. Iragavarapu, MD


Getting this human birth is a big achievement.  As per GITA the objective of getting this birth is to make effort to rid of from chain of birth and death.  That is to seek refuge in KRISHNA LOG.  But, people started thinking otherwise that is to make good progress in fruitive benefits.  For that we had developed lot of demi-gods and keep worshiping them to make good progress in materialism.  That is the cause for all suffering. 

 Our Paramathma and the GODHEAD LORD KRISHNA is fully made of SOUL.  He is the only GOD.  Nobody else can become GOD.  It is because of this our paramathma can attain any size ie.smaller than atom to the size of the entire universe.   In the entire universe our Paramathma alone is  real others are Maya.  To develop better understanding of the real  that is Paramathma we should start dislike things that is not real that includes this  world and worldly pleasures etc.,

with namaskarams


Dear Sadak,
There nothing Aathi Avathar. Aathi (Beginning) opposite Antham (End). God has no beginning or end. There are 22 stages for human to elevate to the level to be one with GOD. These stages are said in scripts and it is in Temple – Varadharaja Perumal- Kanchipuram were 22 steps- 22 things we are to be mindful-  are there to see the deity. No one explains that. As for, enjoyment or pains, there is one Ex: Naradhar. He once happened to say visnu maya will not affect me. For pride: He was married, had children and suffering until realization. Same Naradhar; asked Sri Maha Vishnu why the world is loosing divinity. For asking: He was made to be born as Purander Doss.
Now Yugas: Kritha Yugam is 17,28,000 years- Tretha Yugam is 12,96,000, Duvapara Yugam is 8,64,000 years- Kaliyugam is 4,32,000 years. All put together one Maha tuga Pralaya. Like this 22 times the world was destroyed by maha pralaya and we are in 23 rd time. We all do not belong over here. Due to karma like Narathar, Vaali, hunch back lady in sri ramasyan, ravana, kansha and demon (who took earth) and placed it under sea, etc are made to come here to undergo punishment. Another, if you are crazed to be doctor, but did not get chance, you will get in next birth. This is effect of VASANA said by many saints. Some in most pitiable condition on road can be richest one earlier birth. Credit and debit- (Paapa & puniya) has to be Zero. For your account Credit and debit, you are given  birth STAR, which guides you of the past Credit and debit. Again in this birth you still create Credit and debit, it will be for next birth. For Sadaks, I will post about any one star out of 27, if you fall in that, it will tell your history.
World is not part of God`s creation. God 1st created Bhramaji 4 head. 4 heads represent 4 yugas. If you understand this, you will turn towards god not bhramaji. In fact Bhramaji life span is also determined. He at the end,- goes back to Sri Vishnu Naabi. Next Bhrama one takes place once again from Naabi when creation starts, who is to take charge will be Sri Hanumanji says unpanashids.
About incarnations:"- Incarnation Ex: The one piece of hair from Sri Vishnu was Sri Krishna,- says Vishnu Puran. Visnu Puran says about Macha Avathar (Whale) saved sapta rishi when whole earth drowned in water. This also said in Bible: as Nova`s Arch.  To confirm this, one if reads Maha Bharath full, we will know that Sri Krishna took Arjuna to Sri Vaikunt by a flying object through black hole. The black hole, and travel and bringing back dead son of a Bharamin man who lived near Sri Krishna house. Sri MathaYasodha asks Sri Krishna, that she had no opportunity to see HIM grown as adult and no opportunity to witness his marriages. Sri Krishna says that opportunity will be given. Yasodha was born as Bahuda Mala on Tirupathi hills and sri Krishna comes to her as Sri Venkateswara. Bhahuda Mala Devi witnesses Sri Venkateswara marriage. Incarnation was for certain divine purpose, either to save earth, bless someone or for KARMA. Another Ex: The hunch back lady in Sri Ramayan was Kubja (disfigured) lady in Mathura. Sri Krishna gives her a very beautiful 18 years body in exchange of Chandan she gave. The Dhobi sri Krishna strikes was Dhobi who passed bad comment on mother Seeta. Vaali was Zhara who sent arrow on Sri Krishna foot thumb figure, ending avathar. Different Avathar for different purpose. Sri Vittal Nathji- Sri Panduranga took so many Mini avathar. One was as Barbar to save HIS Baktha. Go to Panderpur see their houses.
Dear Sadakji, you be witness on earth,- bit not attached. Then Worldly Ex: Bkatha Gora accidently killed in infant child. His wife was furious. But Gora said, "look my wife, it is HIS child Vittal taken it". Poothanam of Kerala, who killed his one year old baby by accident, simply sang song on Sri Krishan, "When Oh Sri Krishna when you are my kid in my heart, why all this child". Their history is in net and they belong to recent times. Many more are there. Present day imaginary Ex: A and B was watching cricket. A was jumping up and down. B was calm till end. A asked B " Why you were not enthusiastic?'  B said, this is replay/ re-telecast and I knew what score, wickets lost etc. So sadaks watch,- but be NOT exited or marrows, as we are NOT conscience of our replays (Past births).   
No mukthi if you are in the circle that I AM, Bramin, Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc, as Athuma is one said in Christianity, Quran, Hinduism, Buddhism etc.
Sadaks in Tamilnadu can go to kolli hills for sadanas (Vanaprasha) as people live 120 years healthy and it is real vanaprastha in learning values of life, inner meditation, reading and listening puranas, scripts, upanashids etc etc. These practices gives a chip in your brain called, "SMURTHI". This smurthi was given to animals also which elevated to divine abode- as seen from big temples like Kala Hasthi. To get this smurthi is earnings of  SADANA or Vanaprastha which many householders did. Like Durva father etc. But we dwell in my son, my daughter, my, my etc. Do our eyes obey us. Do our legs and hand? Does any internal organs work like we want. We say see leg, see my body but when asked, "that my that is you, show me, NO answer. Once answer you get answer, you have attained the purpose, like Ramana, Ramakrishna, Vallalar, Bala yogi etc. I don't preach – but I wish you do like me and be elevated. My house vanaprastha- See attachment just for information
Sadaks ask clarification
Sarvam Sri Krishna Arpanam- all the above sent from HIM



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