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[gita-talk] कृपया निश्काम कर्म योग के बारे में बताएं


कृपया निश्काम  कर्म योग के बारे में  बताएं 



Dear Sadhakas,
Hare Krishna.

This is in response to a question from a fellow Sadhaka.

Nishkamakarma means " Do your job( action, duty), but do not get attached to the result. Do not expect a return."

Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita,

" Karmanye vadhikaraste maphaleshu kadachanaha,
Makarmaphala heturbhu, maate sango stvakarmani."

                 ( Gitaji, 2, 47)

which means,
" You have a right to discharge your duties but you have no  business to  get attached to the result .Do not expect a return. At the same time do not stop discharging your duties."

Bottomline is " Do the duty in the name of the Lord for the welfare of others. That is Nishkama karma.

Thank You.

Prasad A.Iragavarapu, MD


KarmaNye vaadhikaaraste maa phaleSHu kadaachana! Maa karma phalaheturbhooh maate sango'stvakarmaNi!! 

Being engaged in one or the other action is a natural necessity of life. It does neither authorize any of the participants on the action nor is its flow obliged to any such participants in any manner! 

Therefore, do not imagine to have "earned" rights over the action and expect it to oblige your personal agenda. It just does not happen!! No action is obliged to anything!!! 

Just because action doesn't oblige you, do not attempt to disengage from it. That too never happens. You will just sulk in a much more negative crystallization of the same in a notion of inaction!!!!

Naga Narayana. 


श्रद्धेय स्वामीजी प्रणीत 'कर्मयोगका तत्त्व' पूरे मनोयोगसे (अपने मन-बुद्धिमें उठनेवाली खटपटको पूरी तरह अलग रखकर), एक बैठकमें (बिना ब्रेक दिये) पढ़िये। नहीं समझमें आये तो पुन: पढ़िये। फिर भी नहीं समझमें आये तो पुन: पढ़िये। आपके मनोयोगकी परीक्षा भी यही है कि उसे पढ़नेका उत्साह बढ़ता ही जायगा, रंचमात्र भी घटेगा नहीं। 
उससे अधिक सरल भाषामें कोई क्या बता सकेगा?


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