Tuesday, June 13, 2017

[gita-talk] Spiritual Practice takes place by the 'Self' then are prayer, divine name recitation, and austerities etc not spiritual practices ?


According to Drops of Nectar -   No.  747,  spiritual practices take place by the 'Self'  (swayam),  not by the mind, intellect, senses,  not by reading the scriptures.   I would like to understand that prayers,  rituals,  divine Name recitation,  austerities- fasting,  meditation,   reading holy text   etc. and all that is done, is all done through the mind, intellect, senses, as the Gita says regarding the 'Self'  (swayam)  in Gita 13:31  '  Na Karoti,  Na Lipyate'.   (the self is neither a doer,  nor is it  tainted).   Then are prayers,  rituals,  divine Name recitation,  austerities- fasting,  meditation,   reading holy text etc.  not spiritual practices ?   

Would like to understand.  



  • अमृत बिंदु 747 के अनुसार साधन स्वयंसे होता है, मन-बुद्धि-इन्द्रियोंसे नहीं। 
    समझना यह है कि पूजा-पाठ, नाम-जप, व्रत-उपवास, ध्यान-दर्शन, ग्रन्थ-पाठ 
    आदि जो भी किये जाते हैं वे सब के सब मन-बुद्धि-इन्द्रियोंसे ही किये जाते हैं,
    क्योंकि स्वयं के बारेमें गीता (13:31) ''न करोति न लिप्यते'' कहती है। 
    तब पूजा-पाठ, नाम-जप, व्रत-उपवास, ध्यान-दर्शन, ग्रन्थ-पाठ आदि साधन नहीं?




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