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[gita-talk] Please Clarify - In liberation does Jeevatama becomes Part of Paramatma ? i.e. Paramatma Swaroopa ?


Ram Ram

Just joined this group.
Sorry, i shall be using english as i do not know Hindi typing...

जीवात्मा क्या है ?  जीव कब जीवात् मा होता है? जीव  कब आत्मा होता है?

When Jeev meets Ishwar ?? 
Does after MUKTI it becomes a part of Paramatama or Jeeva Atma swarupa remains? (like a drop of water becomes Sea after meeting it or Identity of Atma (me myself remains).. for example does it happens if someone is chanting Ram, does he/she attains Ram swarupa and Mix with Ram and other one if is chanting Shiva becomes Shiva Swarupa and Mix with Shiva... and so on...

Please Clarify. 


Jai  P. Sharma  


In the Srimad Bhagavad Gita,  the Lord says that this Jeev (embodied soul) is verily a part of Me only -

Mamaivaansho jeevaloke jeevabhootah sanaatanah |  
(Gita 15/7)
Meaning: An 'ansh', a ray of My consciousness, an inseparable part of Me only,  comes to this worldly plane and becomes an embodied soul (jeev).  

Swamiji says, jeev is already liberated, but only due to sense of mineness with the body and the world, we do not realize this truth. Otherwise, liberation is axiomatic and natural.

Sarita S


Dear Sadhakas,
Hare Krishna.
This is in response to a question from a fellow Sadhaka regarding Jeevatma.
 Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita,
" Sarva dharman parityajya,
Mam ekam saranam vraja,
Aham tvam sarva papebhyo,
Mokshaisyami ma sucah."
   ( Gitaji, 18, 66)
which means,
' Abadon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall liberate you from all sinful reactions and do not fear.."

This is Vishistaadvaita. From this it is clear that we are the eternal servants of Lord Krishna.
we (Jeevatma) can not be Him , but we continue to serve Him in His Kingdom.
This is Vishistaadvaita philosophy and that is what Bhagavad Gita is all about.
Thank You.
Prasad A. Iragavarapu, MD


आपने पूछा है : When jeev meets Ishwar?
उच्चस्तरीय प्रश्न है। 
साधक तो अभी तक यह समझ ही नहीं सका है कि जब एक वही है [गीता 7 : 19 ] और उससे अलग (different) कुछ नहीं था, कुछ नहीं है, कुछ नहीं होगा और कुछ नहीं हो सकता तब यह जीव (जो उससे अलग है) कहाँसे आ गया? आपको पता हो तो बताइयेगा। 
आप जीव को उससे (जिसे आप ईश्वर कह रहे हैं) अलग कैसे मान सके? सरल अंग्रेजीमें बताइयेगा। 





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