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[gita-talk] I don't feel that I am different from the body, what to do?



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|| ShriHari ||

Questioner -  I don't feel that I am different from the body,  what to do?

Swamiji -  The body itself is "me" and it is "for me" -  this is association with "unreal" (perishable). You are real (imperishable), while the body is unreal.  You are imperishable and eternal, while the body is perishable and destructible.  Therefore how can you be one with the body?
Questioner -  We know this point, but this knowledge does not remain permanently.  What to do?  

Swamiji -  If it does not remain with you, then do you feel sorry about this? Do you see any harm, any loss in this knowledge not remaining or remaining (lasting)?  If you want this knowledge that "I am separate from this body" to last, then, you will find no obstacles at all in this. You are not sorry at all that this knowledge does not last for long.  Right now you are saying so, that this does not last, but at other times also do you remember this?  
It is not a rule that you are always able to find a way to fulfill the needs of the body.  As such the needs of the body are fulfilled on their own.

Praarabdh pehle rachaa, peeche rachaa sharir |
Tulasi chinta kyon kare, bhaj le Shri Raghuveer  ||
There is no contract on you for the sustenance of this body.  Simply by worrying about the sustenance of this body, you are intentionally causing turmoil and misery.  As such, this body will be sustained as it is supposed to be, whether you make an effort or not.  If you are destined to die without food then, however much effort you make,  you will have to die without food.  If you are not supposed to die, then whether you do not put forth any effort, the body will be taken care off.
You do not pay attention to this point that God has already made the provisions for the sustenance of this body, but not for the fulfillment of your desires and thirsts (Trushnaa)! Not at all!  Not one bit!  There is no provision for the fulfillment of such desires such as  - may I get so much of a something etc., but there is full provision for the sustenance of this body. He who has given birth, he has made full arrangements for its sustenance.  Had you or I produced the milk in your mother's breasts?   Had either you or I made any effort to produce the milk?  He who made provision for the mother's milk,  has he changed now?   Has he died ?  Has he changed the old rules now?  Therefore never worry about the sustenance of this body.  I do not forbid you from making an effort; make effort only for the sustenance.  This is because objects have a connection with one's actions (karmas).  Therefore perform actions, but do not worry.         

From "Kalyaankari Pravachan"  in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji.


other comments :  

It's OK that you don't feel that you are different from the body. Do you think that you will die after body is destroyed? Does that make life meaningless for you? 

For me, life does not have much meaning if I die after body perishes. So I accept that I am beyond body. If this acceptance is wrong, then there is no harm. At least it makes me more peaceful and helps me handle life situations better. 

g a mittal


Dear Sadhakas, 
Hare Krishna. 
This is in response to a question from a fellow Sadhaka regarding body and the soul. The body is perishable but not the soul. This is clearly described in Bhagavad Gita. 
" Nainam chindanti sastrani
Nainam dahati pavakaha
Nachainam kledayantyapo
Na soshayati Marutaha."
(Gita 2,23)
Which means,
' soul can not be cut by weapons, can not be burnt by fire, can not get wet by water, can not be dried up by wind.'
Soul is eternal. 
Paramatma is eternal.  
If one wants to understand this concept, one must read the Bhagavad Gita and also get involved with the divine discussions of this Holy Scripture. 
Thank You. 
Prasad A.Iragavarapy,MD


''thinking divine, 24/7" को कैसे करें? 
सरल हिंदीमें बतानेकी कृपा करें। 


Hari Om

Why don't you feel that you are different from body ? Do you want to feel that , really ? Are you body ? You know that you are not body - isn't it ? Don't you know that ? If you don't know that, then why do you talk about the need to feel that you are different from body ? Actually, you know but you do not accept. There is a difference between knowledge and acceptance. We know that smoking is bad, don't we smoke even after knowing that ? We all know that whoever takes birth dies, then why do we cry if some near and dear dies ? Why ? Because we know but we do not accept. 

Often this argument is given that when we are in SATSANGA , we understand that we are not body, but we forget when we actually come in day to day touch with world. Why ? Because we have known but we do not accept !!!! Do we ever forget if we are male or female, or if we are married or bachelor or if we are son of Mr So and So ? No - we never forget that. Why don't we forget ? Because we know as well as we accept !!! We forget only when from inside we don't accept in spite knowing. 

Hence, believe firmly that you are not body- just as you believe that you are son of Mr.....!!! If you still forget, be regretful for that forgetting. The fact is that you are not body. 

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B



As long as one remains an ignorant being, he/she carries lot of misconceptions and any amount of lectures, even by the learned, is not going to serve any purpose. Study Vedanta, reflect upon them and sincerely practice prayer and meditation, one will get convincing answers and can experience the real from the unreal. No short cuts.

Hari: Om


Dear All,
If you want to "disconnect" your body and mind then you go for
"thinking divine, 24/7". This is coming from "simran" in Bhagwat-
Gita. Thanks for your time.






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