Tuesday, February 28, 2017

[gita-talk] असत का आदर कैसे मिटे How to get rid of the respect that we have given to the 'ASAT' (Unreal)


How to get rid of the 'aadar'  (respect, reverence, esteem) that we have for the 'ASAT'  (Unreal - that which has no existence of its own) ?  

From Swamiji's discourses I have come to know that the respect (esteem, regard, reverence, value, regard etc) that we have for ASAT -  (unreal,  that which does not exist on its own),  perishable things, relationships etc., that itself is sin.     After this,  I started thinking,  that in all relationships there is regard  - respect - value etc.,  then with what kind of thought process can we get rid of the regard that we have given to the 'asat' - unreal and perishable things ?  Please explain the mechanism - process in detail .  Ram Ram    Man Mohan Batra. 

असत का आदर कैसे मिटे

स्वामीजी के प्रवचन से मालूम हुआ कि असत् - नाशवान वस्तु, सम्बन्ध आदि का जो आदर है वह ही पाप है। मैं इस के बाद सोचने में लग गया कि हर व्यवहार में मन में इनका आदर तो होता ही है तो यह असत् का आदर किस तरह की सोच रखने से मिटेगा, कृपया प्रक्रिया सहित विस्तार से बतलाइये। राम राम।। .... मनमोहन बत्रा




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