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[gita-talk] Why should we pray to Ram and Krishna, when they do not appear to be good role models ?


Dear friends,

Today our Hindu youngsters are confused as to why one should 
pray to Ram if he  abandoned his own wife. And why Krushna 
didn't kill Duryodhan who was dis-robing Draupadi in front of 
all the elders in the king's court. 

It is meaningless to remain ignorant and keep saying things like
 'its god's wish' etc. This is not enough for today's educated youth. 
There are many folk songs that raise this question and people like 
Nina Paley etc. have written songs to mock too. All that is 
Aditya Kumar

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Dear Sadhakas,
Hare Krishna,

This is in response to a question from a fellow sadhaka regarding worshipping the Lord.

Just to keep  word, given to His father, Lord Rama  abandoned his kingdom and went to the forest. The lesson from that is to respect your word and discharge your duty.

When Sita was kidnapped by Demon Ravana, Lord Rama remained loyal to His wife and did not look at any other lady. The moral from that story is: Love and Loyalty towards the wife.

When Dusshasana tried to unrobe Draupadi  ,Lord Krishna helped her by  giving her an unlimited saree .So Dusshasana failed in the end. The reason Lord Krishna did not kill  Duryodhana was : Duryodhana was destined to be killed by Bhima as per the scripture.

 Lord Krishna gave us our Holy Book, Bhagavad Gita which tells us as how to conduct our lives in this material world and eventually go back to His Kingdom to enjoy the eternal bliss.

To know that Lord Krishna is the cause of all causes, it takes many births as Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita,

" Bahunam janmanam ante,
 Jnanavan mam prapadyate
 Vasudevah sarvam iti,
Sa mahatma su durlabhah."
  ( Gitaji, 7,19)

which means,

' After many births and deaths, he who is in knowledge surrenders unto Me, knowing Me to be the cause of all causes.  Such a great soul is very rare.."

Bottom line is It takes a lot of effort to realize Him. For this Kali yuga, chanting of the Holy name, is the way to go. Let us get into devotional service and advance spiritually.

Thank You.

Prasad A. Iragavarapu, MD


It is like asking why the terrorists and rapists are not hanged immediately on catching; why the hands of thieves are not cut immediately on identifying; why Pakistan is not bombed immediately upon crossing the LoC. Covenants have to be honored and punishment for excesses can be carried out only at an appropriate time and place.In the case of Lord Ram, in spite of knowing the truth, He had to follow the Rajdharma. To get the benefit of out scriptures, we should look at them from a wider angle rather than looking for excuses within them for belittling them.



Dear Sadaks

RAM ram !!
We must tell our children why we worship Rama & krishna..
Because They were Avtaars..came here to establish some truth in Earth consciousness
By living their life.. though it was all a playलीला 
They set Examples..
Rama established Maryada..How to treat with family ..etc
And Krishna  set an example for humanity to establish Dharama .one must work here the nimit  mataram of the Divine
just the instrument of God to do His work here for His Sake..And remains engaged in work...
Kuldip Suri.


Its not today's youngsters only, the leela of Ram and Krishna has confused even Parvati, Narad, Garuda; what to say of today's youngsters.
Its not proselytizing religion, so those who do not have trust are welcome to join Islam/Christianity/communism or whatever makes sense. No one can convince one of their divinity, it is the fruit of lifetimes of good deeds, it is not a means to something.

Having said that, why do you think Rama abandoned his wife, or Draupadi was disrobed?? You might have heard it from some one. 
But why do you believe that it was true and not mere absurd gossip. If you accept this part to be true, then you should also accept the part where its mentioned that Ram and Krishna are Supreme Brahman himself to be true as well. Otherwise you can reject the whole thing.

And if you consider Ram and Krishna as Supreme Brahman, residing in all, omni present, omniscient and all merciful; the very sachhidananda, then you have to ask yourself 'Are you also that?' or 'How can you judge them?' or 'Do you know everything about them?' For instance, do you know that Ram and Sita
are not separate entity, its mentioned in the very begining and again at several places that they are one, and not even in Ramayana, but even now-all that which exists, comes into being and dissolves back into existence due to energy of Sita. 

No one can understand or enter the sphere of Leela without the grace of Lord.
Having said that, one can say that Ram and Krishna are not role models, those who made them role models have fallen to great depths. 

They are Supreme Lord themselves, and to be worshipped, meditated upon, and their leelas are to be listened to while living according to dharma. In HInduism, imitation doesn't work. Sugriva, VIbheeshan, BHarata, Lakshmana, Guha, Vashishtha all lived their own lives. NO one can  follow God's incarnations, that is express way to hell. Tulisdas says those who do so are ignorant and devoid of wisdom, they fall in hell for eons.

If one is expecting that someone would come and spoon feed you like Islamic/Christian or Communists, then you are greatly mistaken. Rishis  have known for centuries that it does not help. Its only when jeeva has enjoyed/suffered the consequences of karma and exhausted them, then only one's intellect is sufficiently purified to even be curious about Brahman. And in such state, one has to approach a teacher with great curiosity and humility; then only they begin to make sense.

Satyan Veshee


Dear Sadaks,
The question, "why one should pray to Ram if he abandoned his own wife".
It is said that Sri Rama came in human form. Ravana listed long list by whom he should not be killed. But left human and monkey. Monkey and human (Sri Rama as divine power) killed Ravana. Sri Rama abused Hanuman and waged war one time. Let children take best examples set by Sri Rama and strictly follow that is good enough to pray God. Why not these days youngsters follow one wife? Need not pray Sri Rama.
If Sri Krishna killed Draupadi while disrobing then where is the chance to kill ALL (including Drona) associated with Duryodhan. Waited for all bad ones come to war fare and killed. If good ones gets associated with one bad one, this is fate.


का हिंदी (अनुवादित) रूपांतर देने का कष्ट करें। 
यह पढ़कर आश्चर्य हुआ कि (अंग्रेजी में) दुर्योधन द्रौपदीका चीर-हरण कर रहा था।   
हिंदी में तो दु:शासन द्रौपदीके चीर-हरणका अपराधी बताया गया है। 



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