Monday, September 5, 2016

[gita-talk] Meditation - How to continue the same level of bliss the rest of the day


Can any body guide me that at the time of meditation of supersoul he gives me super bliss. I get his mercy. I become full of bliss. But during the full day time after when I remain in myself, that bliss remain in me not in the same quantity as at the time of meditation of supersoul. Bliss of supersoul is more than the bliss of mine(soul). Is it true? Is this the reason of less bliss after the meditation is stopped. Why the bliss doesnt remain in same amount through out the day? 


Hari SharaNam,  Eternal Bliss and the Supreme are not two different things ( RASO VAI SAH ). The moment THAT is attained there would not be such thing as Bliss of my soul and His Bliss and then changes of that Bliss. Relative Bliss can come and go depending upon the nature and persistency of thoughts. It is not the relative Bliss or desire of that can lead to THAT Eternal Bliss. It is the desirelessness that clears out the ways for the supreme Bliss to be revealed. That desirelessness can be established only upon the knowledge of the non-dual SELF.
May The Supreme bless you!
Niteesh Dubey


I am not meditation expert. What I know is that I am God's and this world is not mine in every stage of my life. I try to accept this fact. My meditation is reinforcing this fact all through the day.  

G a mittal


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