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[gita-talk] Can u help me in surrendering myself fully to the God?


Can you help me in surrendering myself fully to the God? 

Regards, Mukesh Agarwal, 


साधकका समझता है जब तक surrender करनेका प्रयास रहेगा कुछ नहीं होगा। जब थक-हारकर कुछ भी प्रयास नहीं होगा, पटाक हो जायगा क्योंकि वह तो नित्यप्राप्त है (कभी अप्राप्त हुआ ही नहीं)। जब तक कुछ भी करनेवाला रहेगा, कुछ नहीं होगा। आप जो my soul, super soul और Supreme soul के बारेमें कहते हैं वह
सब मनोराजमें है तभी आपको याद रहता है अन्यथा अभी तक सुना है कि 'अनुभव' तो गूँगेका गुड़ है जिसे वह (जिसे अनुभव हुआ) बता ही नहीं सकता कि उसे क्या अनुभव हुआ।


Hari SharaNam,
Our SHARANAAGTI is just like Arjun's in beginning of Bhagavad Gita  where he says to Lord  that he seeks refuge in HIM (TVAAM PRAPANNAM - 2/7) and then he says that he will not fight (NA YOTSE ITI GOVINDAM - 2/9)  i.e. he likes to follow his own mind. This is not true SHARANAAGATI.
Throughout Bhagavad Gita ( GYAANWAAN PRAPADYATE - 7/19, TAMEVA CHAADYAM PURUSHHAM PRAPADYE - 15/4, TAMEVA SHRANAM GACHCHHA - 18/67, Lord has been  also reminding Arjun that SHARNAGATI is the most secret and easiest way  (and perhaps the only WAY into which all the paths eventually align ) to enter into the kingdom of God (i.e. our own true Supreme Self / Father / Mother / Friend ...) and then He stops giving any instruction after asking Arjun to take refuge in him then and there ( "MAAMEKAM SHARANAM VRAJ" - 18/66) . After this SHARANAGATI only, Arjun becomes free from ignorance (NASTO MOHA - 18/73) and then he says that he will do what ever Lord instructs him (KARISHYE VACHANAM TAV - 18/73). So, we need this SHARANAAGATI.
May Lord bless you!
Niteesh Dubey


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Hari: Om,

Surrendering is something that should come out of you. A Guru can at best show you the path and the goal, you will have to walk yourself and reach the goal. Surrendering comes out of true knowledge and realization of what your real nature is and then follow the disciplines (sadhanas) prescribed. Sadhana Panchakam is a book written by Adi Shankaracharya laying down the sadhanas (disciplines) a sadhak should practice for self realization. Surrendering automatically comes en route.

With goods wishes,

Dear Mr. Mukesh Agrawal,

I suggest that you do "thinking divine, 24/7". This method will take you
to God Vishnu (Nirvana/Moksha) (I am here) -> Brahma-Loka -> journey to "Super

If you like the idea then write to me. ----Avadhesh

I too want to surrender to God's will rather i have but problems in my life keep on disturbing me though I am very old and there is nothing for me to aspire for but my husband's health has all along been a diversion . It always pained me .

Chaman nigam

श्री नरिंदर भंडारीजी का कथन
Surrender can be desired, but cannot be willed.
समझना है।
विस्तारसे समझायें कब कोई desire करता है (और कैसे करता है?)?
और कब कोई will करता है (और कैसे करता है?)?
दोनों क्रियाओंमें मन, बुद्धि और अहं की भूमिका भी विस्तारसे बतायें।

Ram Ram  

The Lord readily accepts those who take refuge in Him,  even if it is merely by words.  It is due to His boundless grace.  Therefore just once with a true and sincere heart, with determination,  tell Him 'O'  Lord I am Yours !  I am no one elses !'  
This body and this world will not remain with you,  whereas,  God will never leave you.   

Now be at ease -  He will take care of the rest !   

Meera Das,   Ram Ram  


Dear Mukesh Ji,

Surrender can be desired, but cannot be willed. 

It is an Happening; a Gift from God and Existence to the earnest Seeker, who is meditating regularly, and living moment to moment,  according to the Guidance of his Guru, to whom he has surrendered, as also according to the Guidance of the words of the Scriptures, and the Sages.

~ ~ Narinder Bhandari


Dear Respected Mr. Mukesh Ji,

You can surrender to God by "Thinking Divine, 24/7". Your moderators say that I
am wrong to say what I say to you all. If they are correct then why cannot help you all?
I have already reached "nirvan/moksha" by this method in less than 10 years while you 
people are are not going anywhere. This is life.






Have your read Swamiji's book Sharanagati ?  Please do read it.  

Other pravachan link in Hindi -  

Please listen an then get back to us.  

Gita Talk Moderators,   Ram Ram  

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