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[gita-talk] Why we hurt others through body, mind, and speech ?


Namaste Moderator,
Why many from the days of Vamana Avathar till Sri Krishna Avathar and till date, people are
With our body,  
               giving trouble to many,  
With our mind,  
               thinking evil of everyone,  
With our speech,  
               we use harsh words.  
There is a root cause for these. What is that?
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A Warning for Mortal Life

With your body,  
               do not give trouble to anyone,  
With your mind,  
               do not think evil of anyone,  
With your speech,  
               do not use harsh words.  

In this manner, by giving comfort to others and engaging in the welfare of all beings,  God's infinite and limitless power will be with you and you will achieve the aim of human life  i.e. you will attain God.  The noble persons have praised this age (Kaliyuga) because in this age, a man may attain God quickly without much effort -   

Kalijug sam jug aan nahin jou nar kar biswaasa |  
Gaayi Ram guna gana bimal bhav tar binahin prayaas ||

We have received this golden opportunity, therefore accept that you are His and only He is yours.  By accepting this fact remember Him and surrender yourself to His feet.  Besides this serve all, with justice as is approved by the sacred books.   

In Udyoga Parva (a division of the epic Mahabharata)   there is a story that Dhratarashtra calls Viduraji and asks him the reason of his sleeplessness.  At this Viduraji replies that the person who has enmity with true persons and troubles them cannot sleep and will remain restless.   So by having bad and dishonest dealings with Pandavas,  he can't get sleep and peace.  The person who thinks to achieve his aim by selfishness is actually not successful in achieving it.   Selfishness degrades and ruins a man.  Therefore only the man who attains the goal of human life i.e.  God Realization is wise.   For attaining Him serve others, practise constant remembrance, loud chanting and be engaged in adoring God without having a desire to get comforts from your heart.  By doing so if you die, you are relieved of the worldly distresses and attain God.  If you live, you will accumulate the treasure of spiritualism and adoration which can neither be stolen by thieves, nor divided by brothers,  nor taxed by the government but will go with you and by which you can buy even God.  On the other hand,  if you desire to get comforts from others,  you will not be able to get them but waste your time.  And even if you are able to get them,  you will have to go by leaving this world because everyone whether he is rich or poor,  an emperor or a beggar,  a scholar or a fool,  a male or a female,  ahs to go from here.  

(to be continued...... )

From book "Art of Living" by Swami Ramsukhdasji


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