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[gita-talk] Seeking Advice on remaining exclusively focused on God



This brings closure to this topic.  Questioner is satisfied !   Thank you all!   

Gita Talk Moderators,  Ram Ram 


Thank you sadhaks.  I  feel a bit as ease now.  have been doing a few things - nam japa,  reading swamiji's books and pravachan and Ramayan.   my situation does not seem as bad anymore.   Thank you.  

Radhe Radhe. 


Shri Hari 
Ram Ram  

Gitaji 6/22 states - "Yam labdhwa chaaparam laabham manyate naadhikam tatah." 
"On having attained which, he does not reckon any other gain greater than that," and "Yasminnissthato na dukhen gurunaapi vichaalyate,"
 "And established in which, he is not shaken even by the heaviest of sorrows." (Gita 6:22). 

This means that even when the worst of sorrows, distress, grief or most unfavorable circumstances come his way, he is unperturbed and unaffected. He remains unaffected and as-is ever present. Reaching this state is the goal of human life and it is only to realize this that the human body has been bestowed on us. 

Therefore have a firm resolve that this birth is only to realize God. That I have come to this world, and my work is to only realize Him. I do not want that which is incomplete and destructible.

Exclusivity is when we have a firm resolve that we only want to realize God and nothing else.  On having this firm resolve,  all else will follow suit.  

Also,  Follow katareji's advice.   

Meera Das,  
Ram Ram 


After 25 years of satsang, money matters still trouble me.  I find it difficult to talk about the specific money related problems I am facing.   All I want it to be able to accept God's will and remain focused on bhajan and to be exclusively devoted to only God.  
Any tips - suggestions on diverting my attention away from financial problems and remaining exclusively immersed in  only God ?  

Thy will be done.   

Radhe Radhe  


Shri Hari

Money matters still trouble you & you want to divert your attention, only chanting the name of God is solution. Pray to God Hey Nath I do not forget you & believe I am yours(God).

Practice & tell me after some practice what you feel.

Ram Ram

Pawan Kumar Singhal


When God has  bestowed upon us the most meaning ful human life  make the best use of it conquer everything and get over everything. God nowhere said that he should surrender to him forgetting your duties
 God will not help those those who cannot help themselves Jayashree sarathy


Dear Divine Sadhak,
Avoiding a problem can never give solution, only facing a problem with full integrity will bring solution. So, be integrated first. If money is requied, its required, no need to supress your needs in the name of bhajans etc.
 HIndu way of living has four pillars-dharma, earth, kama and moksha. So avoiding money issues and doing bhajan is not going to liberate any of us. Having wealth is a must for every grahistha, so remove any negative thoughts from your inner space , and earn money with full intensity. Only condition is-the earning method must be according to dharma, means earn by right means.Only working and earning will not solve the issue, you must go deep within and find out what was your first experience with money ? I am sure it would be some negative one. Drop that , now you have grown up. No need to carry those ideas which society have put on you. Please bring light to all ideas, thoughts , words you have got related to money since childhood and drop all ! Just with full intensity, by keeping Him in heart Earn !
My best wishes,


You can't be exclusively devoted to God until you see God in all people and all objects. Some people may seemingly devoted to God externally but internally they may not see God in all beings and all objects. 
Do your best in solving your financial problems. They are part of service to God. Don't see them separate from devotion to God. 

You are God's. All objects are not yours but God's. Can you have any financial problem if money is not yours? It is God's. Take care of His money. But ultimately leave it to Him. 

Chinta din Dayal ko man Sada Anand - Financial problems and anxieties are God's. You just be happy doing your best in solving God's problems. 

g a mittal


Swami's (Swami RAmsukhdas or Swami Sharanananda) pravachan, Sharanagati and reading Ramcharitmanas/bhakta's charitra will help you in your goals. 

y katare



Your problem can solved by "thinking divine, 24/7". Your group-organiser
says that I am wrong. If they are right then why can't they guide you all?




Hari Om

If money matters trouble, start sowing the seeds. Start doing charities, start giving small small money's to others ( which you can afford, that much only) to those who have lesser money than you....distribute sweets to poor children, ..... Keep doing it selflessly ! This world is KARMA BHOOMI ( land where you sow seeds of karma) - when you selflessly give money to others, more needy, poor , you are in fact sowing seeds ! You are in financial trouble because in the past you did not give money to the world. Now give. Renounce !!!! The renunciation of money is a great TYAAG - it will create new destiny for you. 

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B 


पचीस वर्ष सत्संग किया फिर भी यह पूछ रहे हैं तो आश्चर्य नहीं। 
अकसर हम सोचते हैं और समझते हैं कि सत्संग कर रहे हैं पर 
करनेसे तो सत्संग होता ही नहीं कभी। सत्संग स्वत: (अपने आप 
अर्थात् उसीकी मरजीसे या उसीकी कृपासे) होनेवाली क्रिया है। 

यदि यह बतायें कि धन संबंधी क्या समस्या है (गोल-मोल शब्दोंका 
आश्रय मत लीजियेगा) तो निश्चित ही उसका समाधान इस फोरमसे  
आपको मिलेगा। आवश्यकता है कि कुछ भी मत छिपायें क्योंकि 
समस्या तभी होती है जब हम वास्तविकताको अस्वीकार करके यह 
समझते हैं कि मैं यह कर लूँगा/लूँगी या कर सकता/सकती हूँ।



If money matters trouble you then make more money so they do not trouble you or if you cannot do so then offer the trouble to God and stay in peace. He will surely show the way.
Hari Malla



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