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[gita-talk] How to Get Rid of the Restlessness of the Mind? Share Your Experience


Some requested to open this topic one more time.   Gita Talk Moderators,  Ram Ram  


Please share your experience and understanding regarding  -  


Gita Talk Moderators,  Ram Ram 


Ram Ram 


जिस मनकी खटपटसे मुक्ति पाना चाहते हैं उस मनको ही 'अपना' मत मानो तो हो गयी उसकी खटपटसे मुक्ति। 

This is the best answer completely according to Swamiji's teachings.  Please follow. Nothing else remains to discuss. 


मनकी खटपटसे मुक्ति पानेका अचूक उपाय जो श्रद्धेय स्वामीजीने बताया और साधकका अनुभूत है, है : जिस मनकी खटपटसे मुक्ति पाना चाहते हैं उस मनको ही 'अपना' मत मानो तो हो गयी उसकी खटपटसे मुक्ति। 


राम राम !
जो काम यहाँ अँग्रेजीमें किया जा रहा है, काश वही काम हिन्दीमें भी किया जाता। 


summary   -  read spiritual books 

Man ki Ashanti ko kaise door Karen jivan me kafi katuta bhari ho.he Lou bhi karte me safalta n mil pa rahi to ..dharmik pustaken padhne se bhi man ko shanti nahi Mile to kya Karen  

chaman nigam


Sadhak, Pawan Kumar Singhalji, please consider first accepting, at-least momentarily, the restlessness that is being experienced. God listens to and helps those who are ready to help themselves. This is worth a try. If you can accept the restlessness for a while, few of the matters which were not visible to you due to the discomfort from restlessness, will become easily handle-able. God listens. Please prepare yourself to listen to HGis subtle Graceful response, not necessarily in words that we use. He has His own ways. Best wishes. Regards, Ram Ram. Om Shanti.  

Sanjay Jhunjhunwala 


You are eternal even if you don't experience it. You may have fear of death. Still, you will not die. 

Same way, you are not mind and restlessness is not in you. Even if mind is restlessness, why you want to stop it if you are not mind. 

Accept it and accept the world as it is.  Give up notion that things should be this way or that way. Don't try to change the world, matter or subtle matter like mind.  Just accept the truth. 



Only desire ( I want this and that and you don't get it) your mind gets disturbed-restlessness.  Restlessness is because mind craving for something. This even saints experienced, as their desire was for god.


Hari: Om:

Restlessness of the mind is due to rajasic and tamasic desires, anxieties, worries, greed, jealousy, ego problem etc. etc. These negative qualities in human beings are as a result of his/her ignorance of the Self and our true nature. To certain extend Yoga, prayer and meditation can help us to reduce these negative qualities but to get rid off them completely we have to study philosophy as taught by Sreekrishna in Bhagavad Gita and by reading and assimilating the knowledge contained in various Upanishads.The progress will be slow but steady and sure provided the Atma-bodh is applied and lived upto in our day-to-day life.


Our Vedanta philosophy says that the source of restlessness of the Mind are i) Selfishness, ii) Egoism and iii) Egocentric Desires of the Mind for sensuality and materialism. The spiritual practices of Karma Yoga (Path of Action), Bhakthi Yoga (Path of Devotion) and Gnana Yoga (Path of knowledge) are prescribed in proper proportions with respect to the fundamental composition of the personality or basic nature of the individual. Just because one takes to spirituality doesn't mean that he or she can meditate peacefully from the next minute. Just as we need practice to play a game professionally or play a musical instrument well, we need spiritual practice to prepare our personality for meditation or getting rid of restlessness of the Mind.



Hari om, please visit the website prajnanananda ji maharaj from orissa is a living kriya yoga teacher.I accepeted him as my Guru. Please visist the website and things will be clear on your way. Jai guru Bandana

Hello there,

Try "thinking divine, 24/7" for controlling your restless mind.



|| Shri Hari ||
21st May, 2016, Saturday      
Vaishaak Purnima  Vikram Samvat 2073, Shanivar

How to Get Rid of the Restlessness of the Mind?

A question has come up that how to get rid of the restlessness (lack of peace, disturbances, agitation) in the mind?
It is a very easy point.    We know about the restlessness of the mind.  Therefore, the thing that is known, seen by us, is not our Self (swaroop).  If I saw the building,  then, did I become the building?  I saw a stone, then, did I become the stone?   That which is seen is separate, and the seer is separate.  There is no doubt about this.  It is you, who has knowledge and awareness of the restlessness of the mind.  You are the one to see the restlessness.   Is there any doubt about this?  We see the agitation and the agitation is the kind that is seen, then what is the interference?  We saw a stone, now if it gets heated, then what difference does it make to us,  and if it gets cold, then what difference does it make?
This mental resolution that may this restlessness, this agitation go away, is the reason for this agitation.  It is due to this resolve that a relationship continues with the disturbances.   If you resolve that let there be no disturbances in my mind, then be assured that there will most certainly be disturbances.  Therefore server the relationship with the mind.  Really speaking, there is no relationship with the mind.  It is only an assumed relationship.  You have presumed the mind to be yours.  The disturbances come and they go,  resolves come and then they go away, but you remain as-is, In this there is no doubt.   Then whether these go away  or not,  you simply leave them.  Do not blend with them,  do not become pleased or displeased.     Just as when the sun beats down hard, and in the heat, the mind instinctively directs you to move to a shady spot.   But you do not criticize the sunshine or feel pleased with the shade.    We are neither to condemn anyone, nor praise anyone, this is very important for a sadhak (spiritual aspirant).

From book in Hindi 'Jeevan ka Satya' by Swami Ramsukhdasji  




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