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[gita-talk] How can one renounce ‘ahamta-mamta’ (sense of I-ness and Mine-ness) while living in a house holder life ?


Question ‒ How can one renounce 'ahamta-mamta'  (sense of I-ness and Mine-ness) while living in a householder life ?   
|| ShriHari ||
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Whatever stage (householder, sannyas or anything else) you are in, you are not the body and not part of this world.  You are God's. Just accept this truth. 

g a mittal


गृहस्थ-जीवनमें ही क्या, किसी भी जीवनमें, अहंता-ममताका त्याग करनेका सहज उपाय है - जिस क्रियासे (procedure) अहंता-ममता धारण कीं (assumed) उसकी विपरीत क्रिया (reverse procedure) करें। 
किस क्रियासे अहंता-ममता धारण कीं, यह प्रत्येक प्राणी स्वयं जानता है, दूसरा क्या बतायेगा?


Dear sadaks.
Just by understanding who you are. Sadaks, tell me where your diseased parents went, and who is YOUR CHILDREN WIFE ETC. Then  one day where we go one by one. Then where is mine and I all that we earned, lived with, and experience. It all got attached with VASANA the memory chip attached with I and mine on any man. That memory chip gives another birth. Best example sant namadev, baratha yogieswar,  Kapila gheeta. Much better example is ekadasi skandh wherein where in shri Krishna talk to vudhava.



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