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Namaste to Sadaks,
Subject MAA posted by site owner.
Rishi & Rishi Pathni does Tapas. Sri Vishnu appears. They ask Sri Vishnu, it would be very nice if Sri Vishnu is born as their son. They say this 3 times. So Sri Vishnu was born from Sri Vamana Avathar to Sri Krishna 3 times. If sadaks wants the names of Rishi & his Pathi and in which puran I can give. Sri Rama was destined to be born to King Dasaratha, due to accidentally killing a boy whose parents were blind.So a child is born to a mother due to Karma (Desire) from previous births. The child upto the age of 12, it is destined to be rared by parents due to Karma, and NO sins or puniyas are accounted by that child upto age of 12.. Ref: Rishi Animander history. Sometimes due to very bad Karma the child can loose it`s parents in infant stage itself. So the mother care is purely destiny and Karma based. Man/ woman is born to undergo their duties. Child cannot depend on MAA fully as in many cases MAA abandons the child or child becomes orphan, like in the case of Sri Naradh. So any child can fully depend on GOD to gain knowledge (Gyana), like in the case of Durva, Prahalad. Similarly a child cannot depend on MAA or father. As in case of Baktha Gora, he stamps his child in mud accidentally. To get mukthi/ Gyana/ Bakthi one has to get it by his/her own effort and Sri Krishna says that to Arjuna in Geetha. Sri Krishna left this earth by the arrow hit on HIS feet by Jaara. Sri Rama left this earth by going into river, when Yama came and advised that HIS Avathar purpose was over. So anyone has to follow strictly follow their Varnaasrna Dharma as said by Sri Krishna to Arjuna to follow Chatriya Dharma and to Vudhava to follow Sanyasi Dharma. So sadaks cannot simply leave everything to GOD, as a child leaves it to mother, due to lack of Gyana (Brain growth at age of 25). In fact child does not know the mother care. If mother the child looses at age of even 2, it get step mother from whom it does not know who exactly is caring, rightly or wrongly. Sadaks has to do Sadana, Bakthi and upgrade to Gyana by his own efforts, under guide of Sat Guru, and just leaving everything to GOD like child depends on mother due to lack of knowledge, due to brain under developed. Jada Bharatha life itself is excellent example. Guru Ragavendra another example. Child Nammal Vallar in Vaishnavism & Sri Gyanasammander in Shivavism is also examples abandoning parents.


Does the child understand mother's efforts?  Does a child have any power to understand her endeavors?  No !  A child has no such power to understand about her struggles.  The child has no need whatsoever to understand her labor.  He simply lies in his Maa's lap.    Likewise, there is no need for us to understand what God does and how he does it.  How is He, where does He live -  we have no need to know all this.  Does a child know where his mother was born?  Whose daughter is she?   Whose sister?  Whose wife?  Whose sister-in-law?  Whose aunt?  Where does she live?   How does she support herself?  What does she do?  What business does she do and at what time,?   Etc.  The child knows nothing about these things, and also the child has no need to know this.   Similarly how is our God (Maa)?  Who is she?  Whether she is beautiful or not?  Whether she is harsh or compassionate? Whether she is good or bad?  Whether she is helpful or harmful?  etc. etc.   what have we got to do with all of this?  Simply that she is my mother.  Whatever is good for us, she will do on her own.  What do we know of good and bad?  What understanding do we have about what is good and what is not?   Do we have that knowledge?   Can we see that?  Oh!  What can Surdas see? What do we understand of what is good and what is not?  What is proper and what is improper?  There is no need to explain any of this talk at all.  Simply, I am His and He is mine. He alone is my mother, my father, my brother, my friend, my family member and He is everything.  And He only is my wealth, my possessions,  my glories, my land,  my property etc. He is everything –
tvameva   mata   cha   pita   tvameva
tvameva bandhuscha sakha tvameva  |
tvameva  vidyaa   dravinam tvameva
tvameva sarvam mama   devadeva       ||
"You are my mother, father, brother, friend, knowledge .....You are my everything."  
If someone asks you,  who is your mother?  God!  Who is your father? God! Who is your brother?  God!   Who is your companion?   God!  Who does your work? God!  Everything is only God. Everything is only Maa.  Just as for a child, the mother is the clothes washer, mother is the hair dresser,  mother is the midwife,  mother is the one to breastfeed,  mother is the Lord,  mother is Guru (spiritual guide),  mother is servant,  mother is also a sweeper,  etc.   Mother is the one who does even the most menial tasks and even the most skilled tasks.  Like that, everything is only God, then what are we worried about! 
Chinta deen-dayaalko mo man sada anand.  It is joy and only joy in our minds.   Simply bliss !  Whether He is worried for us, not worried,  what concern do we have of this?   Just as whether the mother is worried or not about her child, what concern does the child have about this!  She is worried about him on her own; because the child is her very own.  It is no obligation for her to care for her own child.   Rather it is her duty.   Whether she does or does not do, what has the child got to do with it?   Child has no concern whatsoever regarding this matter.  God too is like our mother in the same way,  that is it!  He is our mother.  We neither have to do anything, nor do we have to know anything,  nor study anything;  but only remain joyful at all times.  We have to blissfully play.  Lying in the mother's lap, simply play, laugh and be happy.   Why must we be happy?  Because the mother is pleased, i.e. when we are happy, then the mother is pleased.   For her pleasure only we are sitting in her lap, playing,  jumping, and doing all work.   We have no concern with anything else at all.   We are only concerned about our one Mother.

From book in Hindi From "Jivan ka Satya"  in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji 



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