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[gita-talk] What is the concept of Geetha - to reply in 10 lines or less


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Question No:1 What is the concept of Geetha - to reply in 10 lines or less.



1) Do your duty without desiring for extra benifits
2) From desire only all problems. 3) Do not show attachments in performing you dharma.
4) Surrender to god and let go fear.
5) You are bhraman and no one can enlighten you.
6) "You have to realise yourself and no one can do" says sri krishna
7) Dharma will be protected by taking AVSTHAR.
8) You are not the body.
9) Karma- manusa, kayaka, prarabdha affects even Gods and due to karma we come to this earth.
Sadaks want citations for all the the above- ask.


ENGLISH Gita Chapter 15



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