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[gita-talk] How and at what point will my outlook/belief change into Brahman ?



One thing that has been striking me with a lot curiosity is what happens or when does the conversion from we looking at ourself as aatma from sharir happens/strikes, when does this look/belief/feel of being an aatma happens... at what point, what is required for this conversion to take place, recently my wife's grandmother expired and I was in the graveyard and felt extreme need to achieve Enlightenment as dis-passion spiked up... I want to achieve enlightenment quickly as my time is running away...when will that light strike me... I know am the soul just for the sake of knowledge but do not have experience of it, I don't have that brahm-baav/aatm baav when will that wake up or pragat at what point, what is that conversion point or process...that results in we feeling in aatm baav not this body baav...

The question is how will my outlook/belief change into brahman, when and how will that happen, I wanted to know at what point that change of outlook/belief will happen... why is not happening right now, why do I have to wait as I am already brahm...why is the outlook/belief of being a body is not going away... 




Hari SharaNam,
Knowing the Self which is beyond any time, space & action and apparently includes all the times, spaces and actions can not be held by any time, space or action or their dependents. So, this question (i.e. when, where and how can I see THAT?) does not have much meaning.  Ask yourself whether you are powerful enough to reject firmly all the assumptions, appreciations & certifications of the apparent world built / imagined / seen through your finite body which itself changing continuously and therefore it does not have any valid certification. If you can do this, then check the final and most subtlest holding "when can I get realized? or when can I experience that? , etc.". You will never be able to proof your self by any other means than yourself. You only are the proof of yourself. It is just a matter of  belief / faith  (the correct word is SHRADDHA = SHRAT + DHAA = Capacity to hold the TRUTH) whether you can believe your true self (i.e. TRUTH about your Self)  or not.
उद्धरेत आत्मनात्मानं (गीता - 6/5)

God Bless you!
Niteesh Dubey   


Hari Om

Right now if you really want to. Your query is - I know but do not experience. Understand here the difference between knowledge and experience. The experience does not come to you by knowledge, it comes to you by " acceptance " ! " I am not body" - you ought to not merely learn this fact, but "accept" it, firmly believe it, and behave accordingly. In due course of time, the acceptance will become your experience. When you "say" I am not body, you should not merely say, but believe firmly inside your heart. Just As - You believe a piece of rope in darkness to be snake, and that belief makes you experience the same fear, reaction as if it is real snake. Just As- you accepted that I am Brahmin, or I am married or I am son of Mr So and So - accept this fact similarly. Then it will convert into an experience. 

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B 


Hari Om

In continuation of earlier response ...

Here the key Q is how to "accept" ? What is difference between "acceptance" ( which generates experience) and "learning/ mere knowledge". Learning you can forget ( Just As- We have forgotten mathematical formulas which we learnt by heart during school days), but acceptance is never forgotten ( We never forget if we are bachelor or married - it is acceptance). Another difference is that learning is by mind/intellect ; while acceptance is by SELF !!! A female when she gets married , "accepts" !  Acceptance NECESSARILY generates experience, learning does not. 

How to accept? Acceptance does not require any practice or Japa or any sort of repetitive method. With a simple childlike heart, you accept. There is no involvement of mind/ body/ intellect in acceptance. There is no activity involved in that. An infant accepts someone as mother or father- what mind he has at that point, what intellect he uses ? That child like acceptance takes place at SELF level , activity less concurrence. You have to accept similarly that I AM NOT BODY. With a simple heart, with no big effort, just know the fact and accept that. A married girl does not any practice to accept that she is now married, no Japa ...nothing. In acceptance, you remember without remembering. It is automatic - did you find any body saying I don't remember I am married or bachelor ? Acceptance is your fundamental belief. " I am God's, only God is mine" - this has to be accepted, not learnt. 

I will give you a personal example ! When I started striving, I made a habit of uttering God's at every point of discomfort or involuntary action by body like sneezing, hiccuping, seeing danger, having discomfort, slipping, yawning, slipping etc. After some time I found that with every sneeze or yawn there is automatic uttering by me Raam....Raam...Raam. I became very happy, that at the last moment of life, I will die remembering God. Once I was entering bathroom to take bath, and suddenly I slipped. But Raam...Raam did not come out rather came involuntarily " O MAA" !!! This shocked me. I don't call it a coincidence, that in the night when I played CD of Swamiji Shri Ramsukhdasji Maharaj for a pravachan, He was explaining the difference of acceptance and learning . He gave example of a parrot who is "taught" to utter RAAM...RAAM and it keeps uttering also, but when cat catches it, it forgets uttering RAAM, RAAM and instead utters TAIN...TAIN !!

That is the difference between acceptance and learning, Divine Sadhaks. 

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B


Shri Hari  

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