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[gita-talk] What is the most beautiful Prayer you have heard ?


What is the most beautiful Prayer you have heard ?   


Answer by SANDEEP 

There are many heart touching prayers published in the books of  Gita Press Gorakhpur. The one, which is I am going to share is written by a great saint of modern India, Swami Ramsukhdas. This prayer is a true reflection of devotion to GOD. And words are nothing but true feelings of inner core of a devotee's heart.  I am sharing this prayer in both Hindi and English.

हे नाथ! आपसे मेरी प्रार्थना है कि आप मुझे प्यारे लगें। केवल यही मेरी माँग है और कोई माँग नहीं।
He Naath ! It is my sincere prayer to you, that You appear sweet and loving to me. That is my only requirement, there is no other requirement.
हे नाथ! अगर मैं स्वर्ग चाहूँ तो मुझे नरक में डाल दें, सुख चाहूँ तो अनन्त दुःखों में डाल दें, पर आप मुझे प्यारे लगें।
He Naath ! If I desire heavens, then you place me in hell; if I desire happiness, then shower me with endless sorrows, but may You at all times appear sweet and loving to me.
हे नाथ! आपके बिना मैं रह न सकूँ, ऐसी व्याकुलता आप दे दें।
He Naath ! May You create such intense longing, such distress within me that I am unable to live without You.
हे नाथ! आप मेरे हृदय में ऐसी आग लगा दें कि आपकी प्रीति के बिना मैं जी न सकूँ।
He Naath ! May You create such a fire in my heart, that I am unable to live without Your love.
हे नाथ! आपके बिना मेरा कौन है? मैं किससे कहूँ और कौन सुने?
He Naath ! Besides You who else is mine? Who should I tell, who will listen?
हे मेरे शरण्य! मैं कहाँ जाऊँ? क्या करूँ? कोई मेरा नहीं।
O' My Protector! Where will I go? What will I do? No one is mine.
मैं भूला हुआ कइयोंको अपना मानता रहा। उनसे धोखा खाया, फिर भी खा सकता हूँ, आप बचायें!
Being lost, I believed many to be mine. But I was betrayed by them. Once again I am likely to be betrayed. You please save me !
हे मेरे प्यारे! हे अनाथनाथ! हे अशरणशरण! हे पतितपावन! हे दीनबन्धो! हे अरक्षितरक्षक! हे आर्तत्राणपरायण! हे निराधार के आधार! हे अकारणकरुणावरुणालय! हे साधनहीन के एकमात्र साधन! हे असहायक के सहायक! क्या आप मेरे को जानते नहीं, मैं कितना भग्नप्रतिज्ञ, कैसा कृतघ्न, कैसा अपराधी, कैसा विपरीतगामी, कैसा अकरण-करणपरायण हूँ। अनन्त दुःखों के कारण स्वरूप भोगों को भोगकर-जानकर भी आसक्त रहनेवाला, अहितको हितकर माननेवाला, बार-बार ठोकरें खाकर भी नहीं चेतनेवाला, आपसे विमुख होकर बार-बार दुःख पानेवाला, चेतकर भी न चेतनेवाला, जानकर भी न जाननेवाला मेरे सिवाय आपको ऐसा कौन मिलेगा?
O My Beloved One! The guardian of the abandoned! The refuge of those seeking shelter! The purifier of the sinful! The friend of the poor! The protector of the unprotected! The sustainer of those without any support! The savior of the afflicted! The foundation of the baseless! O' Merciful and compassionate One without any cause! The only accomplishment of those without any accomplishment! The aid of those needing help! Do you not know me, the wretched, the ungrateful, the sinner, who has turned inauspicious, a non-performer far from action. In spite of knowing the suffering and sorrows resulting from temporary sense enjoyments, yet I remain infatuated. I continue to believe something to be beneficial, even though it is not for my welfare. I have stumbled and fallen over and over again and then too I have not become alert and careful. Over and over again I have experienced suffering due to turning away from You. Who will you find besides me, that in spite of knowing, yet doesn't know, in spite of being alerted, yet does not become cautious.
प्रबो! त्राहि माम्! त्राहि माम्! पाहि माम्! पाहि माम्!! हेप्रभो! हे विभो! मैं आँख पसार कर देखता हूँ तो मन-बुद्धि-प्राण-इन्द्रिया ँ और शरीर भी मेरे नहीं हैं, फिर वस्तु-व्यक्ति आदि मेरे कैसे हो सकते हैं! ऐसा मैं जानता हूँ, कहता हूँ, पर वास्तविकता से नहीं मानता। मेरी यह दशा क्या आपसे किञ्चिन्मात्र भी कभी छिपी है? फिर हे प्यारे! क्या कहूँ! हे नाथ! हे नाथ!! हे मेरे नाथ!!! हे दीनबन्धो! हे प्रभो! आप अपनी तरफ से सरण में ले लें। बस, केवल आप प्यारे लगें।
Prabho! Save me! Save me! Protect me! Protect me! Hey Prabho! Hey Vibho! When I look deeply with wide open eyes, I find that neither the mind-intellect-life breath-senses and body are mine, then how can things and persons be mine! I know this, I say this, but I do not believe the truth, the essence. Is this condition of mine even hidden for a single moment from You? The Beloved One! What can I say! He Naath ! He Naath !! He Mere Naath !!! O! friend of the poor! O Lord! You only take me in your shelter from your side ! Enough! Now let only You appear Sweet and Loving !
हे प्रभो! आप अपनी तरफ से सरण में ले लें।
O Lord! You only take me in your shelter from your side !



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