Monday, February 29, 2016

[gita-talk] How and at what point will my outlook/belief change into Brahman ?



One thing that has been striking me with a lot curiosity is what happens or when does the conversion from we looking at ourself as aatma from sharir happens/strikes, when does this look/belief/feel of being an aatma happens... at what point, what is required for this conversion to take place, recently my wife's grandmother expired and I was in the graveyard and felt extreme need to achieve Enlightenment as dis-passion spiked up... I want to achieve enlightenment quickly as my time is running away...when will that light strike me... I know am the soul just for the sake of knowledge but do not have experience of it, I don't have that brahm-baav/aatm baav when will that wake up or pragat at what point, what is that conversion point or process...that results in we feeling in aatm baav not this body baav...

The question is how will my outlook/belief change into brahman, when and how will that happen, I wanted to know at what point that change of outlook/belief will happen... why is not happening right now, why do I have to wait as I am already brahm...why is the outlook/belief of being a body is not going away... 




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