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[gita-talk] Would like to understand if the two 'Chup hona' and 'Maun hona' are they different or the same ?


समझना है
'चुप हो जाना' और 'मौन होना' को समझना है। 
दोनों एक ही क्रिया हैं या अलग क्रियायें हैं?
एक ही क्रिया हैं तो कैसे? उनकी समानतायें बतायें। 
अलग क्रियायें हैं तो कैसे? उनकी असमानतायें बतायें। 


Shri Hari 

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Vishesh Pravachan

Discipline of Silence
Question:  How does the Discipline of Silence (Chup Sadhan), of Actionlessness happen easily?
Swamiji:  I want to sit, I want to do the Discipline of Silence, on having this resolve, this intention, the Discipline of Silence does not happen very well, because in your vrtti, there remains the seed of doing something.  When you say that I must not do anything, that too is doing only.  This discipline happens well when there is no interest (ruchi) in doing anything.
From "Nitya Yog Ki Praapti" in Hindi pg 61 by Swami Ramsukhdasji
Question:  Though there is effortlessness (no activity) in the Supreme Consciousness (God); however, spiritual disciplines must be essentially based on effort or activity (karan saapeksha), correct?
Swamiji:  There is no objection to doing spiritual practices that are based on effort (action). There are two types of spiritual practices. One is that from the state we are currently in, we have to rise above that state. The other is, that where we need to reach, there we have already arrived (penetrated). For rising above the current state, there is effort (activity based) spiritual practice. However, to realize the arrived state there is no effort (activity-based) practice.
Just like when you want to go from here to a different place, you have to walk to get there. However, where we need to go, if we already are at that place (entered), would we need to walk (i.e. make an effort)? Similarly, from the very beginning, if you see that Supreme Essence (Consciousness) that is naturally present, then you realize that it eternally IS, it is unchanging and ever-present. In this, what effort (spiritual activity) is necessary? We simply have to wipe out our false notion, or mistake in understanding. Only the mistake that we have once made, has to be rectified.
It is a rule that when we understand a mistake to be a mistake, then that mistake or false understanding is wiped out. What is the effort in this case? Just like when I said to you that this body was not there at one time, and it will not be there at some future time, and right now as many days that the body has remained with us, that much time it is constantly separating from us (Self). Now what is the effort that needs to be undertaken in this? What spiritual practice are to be done? First our attention was not there. The attention was on, the living process. But after hearing this, it will be understood that actually we are in the dying / separation process. The only thing that changed was knowledge. In this, what effort (activity) was needed for our spiritual practice?
When we have to learn something it requires effort (activity). Because if someone has to study, read a book, memorize the words, then this is considered effort (activity based), but in the Essential State, where is there any effort or activity to be performed? Only our attention has to be diverted towards what already IS.
"Sankara sahaj saroopu samhaara. Laagi samaadhi akhand apaaraa." (Manasa 1:58:4)
From "Nitya Yog Ki Praapti" in Hindi pg 61 by Swami Ramsukhdasji




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