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[gita-talk] How to wipe out the esteem we hold for the unreal (perishable, temporary) ?


How to wipe out the esteem we hold for the unreal (perishable, temporary) ? 

today , from Swamiji's discourse, I have come to know that holding in high esteem,  the relationship etc with unreal-perishable things,  that itself is sin.   After this,  I began to think,  that one inevitably looks upon every relationship,  with esteem;  then by what kind of thought process,  will the esteem for the unreal be wiped out.   Please explain this methodically with elaboration.   Ram Ram

Man Mohan Batra

असत का आद र कैसे मिटे

स्वामीजी के प्रवचन से आज मालूम हुआ कि असत् - नाशवान वस्तु, सम्बन्ध आदि का जो आदर है वह ही पाप है। मैं इस के बाद सोचने में लग गया कि हर व्यवहार में मन में इनका आदर तो होता ही है तो यह असत् का आदर किस तरह की सोच रखने से मिटेगा, कृपया प्रक्रिया सहित विस्तार से बतलाइये। राम राम।। ....

मनमोहन बत्रा


भैया, सामान्य भाषामें संबंध तो रहेगा ही क्योंकि जब तक शरीर रहेगा, उसका (शरीरका) संबंध माता-पिता, भाई-बहन, पुत्र-पुत्री, वास्तु, घटना आदिसे रहेगा ही। उसे चाह करके भी कोई नहीं मिटा सकता। जो मिटाना है वह है उस संबंधसे स्वयंकी आसक्ति​  अथवा स्वयंमें उस संबंधकी आसक्ति।
जिस क्षण आपने शरीरको 'मैं', 'मेरा' और 'मेरे लिये' अस्वीकार किया नहीं कि सारे संबंध मिट गये।
संबंध मिटनेकी घोषणा नहीं करनी है और ना ही उसकी दूसरोंसे पहचान करानी है। जो अंदरमें है, उसे ही रिपोर्ट करना है। बात खत्म।

Shri Hari

You know relation with unreal is wrong as per Gita 15(7) you are part of God so accept relation with God.

Unreal do not say you are part of his,you only accept unreal is yours by mistake.

Remove your mistake as per Gita 5(16) or depend on God who will remove your mistake as per Gita 10(11)

Remember teaching of Swami ram sukh dass ji maharaj Only God is yours as thinking of Meera bai. This thinking is very useful to wipe out the esteem you hold for the unreal.

Ram Ram

Pawan Kumar Singhal


Q: I have come to know that holding in high esteem,  the relationship etc with unreal-perishable things,  that itself is sin.  
Sri Krishna & Sri Rama had family and children. The greatest difference between THEM and us is attachment- Mine. THEY had NO attachment on anything in this world. We have attachment on everything on earth. I, mine and me keeps us in cycle of births. For Sri Rama there was NO difference between forest and kingdom. When Sri Rama was sitting in the chariot to go forest HIS father was requesting Sri Rama not to go away. Sri Rama tells charioteer not to give attention. In the place of a king, Sri Rama sent pregnant Mother Sita to forest after becoming king on hearing about dhobi remarks.
Sri Rama fought with Hanuman to keep up HIS promise to a sage. There was NO mine, me or I ,  but still was living setting examples. There are many such things, as Dharma was HIS life. Sri Krishna knew as an infant leaving mother Devaki, there was NO my mother. Similarly while leaving Mother Yasodha there was no my. If one watches Sri Krishna carefully, we can see there NO my Arjuna, my enemy Duryodhan, but only Dharma. In fact Arjuna had insulted Sri Krishna. For abuses or praises Sri Krishna was NOT attached to anyone, which can be observed in YUDHAVA GEETHA. Many due to ignorance speek Sri Krishna played tricks to win the war. But they should also not forget that the innumerable tricks Duryodhana played from childhood on Pandavas. The result  Duryodhana tricks, was reversed on him. Even Duryodhan mother at last felt my son  and abused sri Krishna family should go to ruin. She least felt or remembered her son`s innumerable tricks, bas words, abuses etc. That was her attachment an example that we are doing today. So our main problem comes when our dear ones do mistakes and we think my ones and forgive. Same way our dear ones do some wonderful deeds, we say my ones. For us only Sri Krishna in Geetha said, "Gunatheet" NO concern to praises and abuses. Bagavan Sri Krishna said in Geetha, Kama Yesu___ etc i.e. from desire comes anger, greed etc. Desire comes only if me. Mine and I comes.
In fact we don't know who we are and people around us, and why we are on this earth, and we don't know that we are playing a role as in cinema, while on this earth.  This destroy us. Ex: Read Jada Bharath history in Srimath Bagavath. So when everything and anything belongs to GOD, saying mine, me, ours, and I is sin.
OK when child (No Gyana) celebrate new year or birthday. When we are 60`s we have to think we are nearing death and NOT preparing ourselves for our final journey. In Yaksha Prashna there is an important question answered by Dharma Raj about death.
Q: After this,  I began to think,  that one inevitably looks upon every relationship,  with esteem;  then by what kind of thought process,  will the esteem for the unreal be wiped out.  
It is not inevitable. Without Gyana it becomes inevitable. Gyana comes then inevitable disappears. Like we all know darkness goes when light come on. When  Sat Sangh comes Gyana
satsaNgatve nissN^gatvaM
nissaNgatve nirmohatvam.h .
nirmohatve nishchalatattvaM
nishcalatattve jiivanmuktiH .. (9)
From Satsangh comes non-attachment, from non-attachment comes freedom from delusion, which leads to self-settledness. From self-settled-ness comes Jeevan Mukti.



Shree Hari

Ram Ram 




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