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[gita-talk] भोगबुद्धि


28 नवंबर 2015 के सन्देशमें कहा है : भगवान् ने चौथे अध्यायके इक्कीसवें श्लोकमें शरीर-निर्वाह अर्थात् भोगोंमें भोगबुद्धि न होनेके लिये सावधान किया है।  
यह भोगबुद्धि क्या होती है? 
चौथे अध्यायके इक्कीसवें श्लोकमें भोगबुद्धिको वैसे नहीं समझाया गया है जैसे कि व्यवसायात्मिका (निश्चयात्मिका) बुद्धिको दूसरे अध्यायके इकतालीसवें श्लोकमें समझाया गया है (साधक-संजीवनी पृष्ठ 98)।  
कृपया समझाइयेगा कि यह भोगबुद्धि कैसी होती है? भोगबुद्धिकी पहचान क्या है? भोगोंमें रत रहते हुये भी साधकमें भोगबुद्धि नहीं है, इसके क्या लक्षण हैं? भोगबुद्धिसे सावधान रहनेका क्या विधि-विधान (line of action) है?


when a person performs every act for its selfish interests and enjoyment then the bhudhi is bhog bhudhi, thus getting bound to the chain of rebirths. And when one realizes the futility of bhog bhudhi then he just lives for living sake without any addiction to taste and variety of things, established in the realization that all these attractions are nothing but perishing and fleeting allurements and pleasures.
with love



tyakta-sarva-parigrahaḥ - How can you give up objects when you don't own them?  You can only give up what you have.  tyakta-sarva-parigrahan means that one should understand that one is not the owner of objects. Objects including body belong to the world and not to the self. When Krishna talk about renunciation, He means to understand that self does not possess those objects and Krishna does not mean mere physical renunciation. 

nirāśīr - When you understand that you are not part of the world, then you don't give importance to the world. So, you don't have much expectations (nirasir).

yata-cittātmā - When you understand that mind and intelligence are part of the world and not yours, you automatically become self-controlled. You remain happy and peaceful amongst the changes in the world (guna gunesu vartante).

śārīraṁ kevalaṁ karma - Body (sarira) needs bhoga. Body needs food. Otherwise, it won't survive. Body needs clothes, house to live etc. When you understand that body and objects belong to world and are not yours, then you still provide bhoga to body and senses. You will not starve your body or fall of the cliff. Live in the world as you are supposed to live. But live with understanding that you are beyond these changes.

Hope this helps.

g a mittal


Dear ALL,
Definitely, I need be so pure that feeling of all universe (s) are just body of self. I must feel everything  is I only!  Yes Lord krishna as termed such person as Gunateet!

(Kuldeep Kumar Kaul)




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