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[gita-talk] Why some masters say to believe - I am God and others I am just a servant for God ?


Very good video.  May I ask why some master say to believe "I am God /  I am Shiva",  whereas others say to think,  "I am just a servant for God /  I am dust before God?"  Is it because if those who believe they are their desires and karma,  think they are God,  will be disillusioned because they don't even know themselves ?  

What does Swamiji say ?   

Shiva Sadhak


विवेक भैया, साधक स्वयंको परमात्माका अंश (कभी उससे अलग नहीं) पाता है। आपका कथन Any body can become God by doing their duty sincerely but vigorously without bothering too much  the outcome of action साधकके गले नहीं उतरा। क्या आप एक उदाहरण देंगे जो कोई (any 
body) कभी परमात्मा (God) बन गया हो? (यदि अंग्रेजीमें God परमात्माका वाचक है) 


On the path of spiritual growth a sadhak moves from dwait to vashisht adwait to adwait that is from duality to non duality , hence these attributes. in short when you are a starter you are in duality me and my God. on further spiritual growth you recognize oneness with god as well as the dual state of mind . this state of mind is vashishta adwait then ultimatelythe sadhak realizes one with the divine that is the stage when you say I am God.
with love ckkaul

Dear Sadhaks,
The video is highly philosophical and can be practised by those who lead sanayasi life. It is very difficult for ordinary person with family living . 
Any body can become God by doing their duty sincerely but vigorously without bothering too much  the outcome of action . 
We narrate one incidence in Mrs Thavudammal life who is able to get insights from Lord Krishna directly . During 2006 she has gone to Ahmadabad to recieve an award from one organisation. Then she visited  Dwaraka to see Krishna mandir. While returning she wanted to see one Prof working in IIM to get donation for her gaushala. But Prof was out of station. On the night Lord Krishna told her in the dream that " There is no difference between Me and the Prof ; since you had seen me at Dwaraka there is no need to see again the Prof as he is Mine and I am  Prof " . As the Prof is hard worker and involved in many social activities with utmost sincerity in a detached manner , Krishna told that he is Mine.. 

Whenever men or women do this duty with utmost sincerity they attain that level. Some in Meditation etc they attain that stage too . But this stage  may not sustain long once they may come down from that level. Therefore one shall be concious and alert always or do sadhanas or karmas to keep up this stage or when they attain old age unable to keep up that level once again come down. 
Lord Krishan tells that among all yogis those who always dependant on Me is most beloved person to Him. 



Dear ALL,

 It is an Absolute Reality that not only "I" but, all living and non living identities of universe are God only! 

To begin with, it is very much essential to understand as to what one means by God! God and all other identities materialist or, non-materialist, physical or meta-physical, living or, non-living all are describable by their properties only. For example "I", am described by my physical body, internal & external organs plus memories I carry in physical so called brain as me and mine. Now, when I die the second and third persons say I died but fact is my body is well there so confirming that I am not in reality Body which I was being considered but something else! Same way, people say, may my soul rest in peace so again logically saying I am not even soul.......similarly, I am referred as final thing Consciousness that is to say again it is my consciousness so, fact is I am not even consciousness........finally confirming that I am something which is unknown so is GOD or anything else for that matter! Thus,  Absolute Reality is ONE only ONE that is SOMETHING which gets disillusioned into infinite identities having various physical and meta physical properties as universe(s)!

Different masters speak differently to different persons depending upon their level of spirituality which exist as we notice all around. That is to say the level of their disillusioned mind which has moved their individual identities away from the Absolute Reality that ALL ARE SOMETHING AND ALSO ONE AND THE SAME which can be named GOD, DOG, PARAM-BHARM, ALLAH and ISHWER or, whatever one wants to name!  

In conclusion, therefore Masters speak differently to different persons according to their spiritual level.  It is very much correct that absolute reality is that Every one is God only as explained above but, to the level of illusion of an Individual consciousness  involving itself into, turns away from that absolute reality! Those common persons are therefore just dust only compared to identities whose mind is erased of all illusions and have become Absolute  Reality only! 

Referring Lord Krishna who said in B-Gita describing GOD as SOMETHING without any name:


Your's   Humble

(Kuldeep Kumar Kaul)


Hari SharaNam!
Essence is non-dual (i.e. there is not two essences). Until THAT is realized by the seeker, he / she tries to cross the individuality which appears to be dividing the essence. To cross that, various methods/ techniques are suggested depending upon the level and capacity of the seeker. The "I am God" and "I am God's " are in fact subtle or subtlest thoughts for the seekers to cross the individuality and realize the oneness.
In the case of "I am God" approach, the thought mainly revolves around "I" which requires the seeker to make sure that "I" is pure otherwise it will be very difficult to come out of "impure I" loaded with the heaviest "God". This is the reason, various Upanishads (e.g. ShukRahsyopanishad, Mahopanishad, Muktikopanishad etc. ), dealing with such approach strictly advise the seeker to approach the realized one to make sure he/she is not caught under "impure I" loaded with the heaviest "God" and assuming he/she has realized " I am God".

The other approach (i.e. "I am God's") primarily revolves around the God where the seeker has to first understand the concept & glory of God properly and then minimize the  "I" so that individuality (i.e. impure "I") can easily be destroyed and the essence "God" is revealed in him. After this stage, there is not two ("TASMIN TAJJANE BHEDA-ABHAAVAAT" - Naarad Bhakti Sutra/41).

May all be blessed!
Niteesh Dubey


Dear Sadaks,
Rarely we come across a person saying "I am GOD". But if he is most humble and not dressed in polished cloths, NO make up, NO car etc we can have to think. May be he is one with GOD. Such a person will not seek attract ordinary men and easily teach divines. We have to be behind such person for some time/ years then HE may teach. Example:- Swamy Chinmayanandha learnt from Tapovan Maharaj. Others saying, "I am dust from GOD", is their own conviction. As far I know, my answer should be, " I do not know who I am, and seeking GOD".
B.Sathyanarayan .  

First decide how many masters do (or did) exist, if many do (or did) exist at all.


Shree Hari Ram Ram

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