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[gita-talk] Why was Arjuna’s delusion not destroyed even when he had a vision of His cosmic form ?


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Question -   It is said that a man is not deluded after having vision of God.   But why was Arjuna's delusion not destroyed even when he had a vision of His cosmic form,  four armed form and also two armed Form ?  

प्रश्न‒भगवद्दर्शन होनेके बाद मोह नहीं रहता । अर्जुनने भगवान्‌के विराटरूप, चतुर्भुजरूप और द्विभुजरूप-तीनोंके दर्शन कर लिये थे, फिर भी उनका मोह दूर क्यों नहीं हुआ ?


Answer ‒  It is God's responsibility after revealing His form to a devotee to remove his delusion and to make him realize the self.  Afterwards Arjuna's delusion was destroyed (Gita 18/73).  It proves that after having a vision of God,  delusion is certainly destroyed.  According to Arjuna his delusion was destroyed neither because of the gospel of the Gita nor because of the Lord's vision,  but only because of his grace  (Gita 18/73) .

 दर्शन देनेके बाद भक्तका मोह दूर करने, तत्त्वज्ञान करानेकी जिम्मेदारी भगवान्‌पर ही रहती है । अर्जुनका मोह आगे चलकर नष्ट हो ही गया (१८ । ७३), इससे सिद्ध होता है कि भगवद्दर्शन होनेके बाद मोह नष्ट होता ही है । अर्जुनने अपना मोह नष्ट होनेमें न तो गीतोपदेशकी कारण माना और न दर्शनको, प्रत्युत भगवत्कृपाको ही कारण माना है‒'त्वत्प्रसादात्' (१८ । ७३) ।

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Hari SharaNam,
The cause of complete removal of Arjun's delusion was indicated by the word "TVAT-PRASAADAAT" (i.e. by your grace) referred to the Supreme Lord "ACHYUT" (i.e. The Unchanged Supreme) in the last shloka of Arjun (i.e. 18/73). This particular "PRASAAD" (i.e. grace) was expressed by the Lord also in his last but most confidential instruction as a direct & instant command to his devotee as "Take refuge in Me, the Supreme standing in front of you, alone by giving up all your own concept of dharmas" ( i.e. SARVA DHARMAAN PARITYAJYA MAAM EKAM SHARANAM VRAJ - 18/66). This command does not indicate to do some saadhanaas / efforts in future. This command contains the essence of all the efforts of all the type of aspirants and blessing of the Supreme. It had to be executed without any delay. This was the reason Arjun realized the essence instantly.
One could ask, was not Lord happy and graceful on Arjun when he explained his essence, glory and showed his universal & four-armed forms. Lord was happy throughout (e.g. MADANUGRAHAAY – 11/1, MAYA PRASANNEN – 11/47) but Arjun was not ready/willing to surrender to the Lord completely which was required to know the Lord in essence and clear the delusion completely. Devotee's complete surrender to the Lord and Lord's grace both are required to know the essence (TAMEVA SHARANAM GACHCHHA SARVABHAAVEN BHAARAT | TAT PRASAADAAT PARAAM SHAANTIM STHAANAM PRAAPSYASI  SHAASHVATAM - 18/62). 
Arjun's surrender as PRAPANAAM (in 2/7) was not a true surrender as he himself made it weak by saying "I will not fight" ( NA YOTSYA ITI GOVINDAM – 2/9) to the great teacher and then he went through lots of questions /curiosities and requests to see/know more. The moment, the friendly devotee & disciple Arjun surrendered (i.e. PRAPADYE) completely to  his teacher knowing the teacher was everything (i.e. VAASUDEV SARVAM ITI),  his delusion was destroyed completely, he gained his true memory, he became established in the essence without any doubt and became an undivided lover of the Lord. The same moment, Sanjay also acknowledged Arjun as "MAHAATMA" in 18/74 as the MAHAATMAA explained by the Lord in 7/19.
May all be blessed!
Niteesh Dubey


Dear Sadaks,
We all have trinethrams ( 3 eyes). If we see God with only 2 normal eyes we have, the mind is structured to forget. Kindly read Mahabharath. When the war was over and after few years, Arjuna asks Sri Krishna to repeat Bhagavath Geetha as he forgot. More remarkable is Arjuna cries over the body of his son after Sri Krishna just day before repeated body and soul, death and birth. Sri Krishna says to Arjuna the Geetha was waste telling. Second instance. after the war, Arjuna actually blames Sri Krishna that Sri Krishna knew that Amimanyu`s death and blames Sri Krishna was silent and cheated him.(Arjuna) After hot argument, Sri Krishna gives Arjuna occult power to visit his son where he is. Arjuna goes to to Moon and meets Abimanu. Abimanyu asks Arjuna, our role was over and I (Abimanyu) is happy over here on moon, why my father disturb me. Only then Arjuna realizes..Only with the blessing of GOD we can open our third eye and see GOD.


Hari Om

Why are you making statements without reading Gita ? If Arjuna's delusion stood undestroyed, why is there verse 18/73 in Gita ?

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B


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