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[gita-talk] Why is God partial ? Yet, says He is the same to all beings ?


Shree Hari  Ram Ram 

This brings closure to this topic.  Swee Swamiji's response below.   Thank you all !   Gita Talk Moderators,   Ram Ram 


Shree Hari  

Question ‒  The Lord declares,  'I am the same to all beings.  But those who worship Me with devotion,  they are in Me and I am also in them (Gita 9/29).'  Why is God partial ?  If He is partial,  why does he declare that He is the same to all beings ?

Gita Talk Moderators,   Ram Ram


Answer‒ In fact,  this partiality is His same sightedness.  If he has the same dealings with those who worship Him and also with those who don't worship Him, it means that He does not attach any importance to worship.   Moreover as men approach Him,  even so does He seek them.  So proper behaviour of God towards persons according to their own behaviour is his same sightedness.  In fact God is not partial.  But the devout devotees who having broken off their affinity for the world are engaged the worship of God with exclusive devotion, their exclusive devotion conduces Him to be partial,  He is not partial.   

यह पक्षपात ही तो समता है ! अगर भगवान्‌ भजन करनेवाले और भजन न करनेवालेके साथ एक समान भाव रखें तो यह समता कैसी हुई ? और भजन करनेका क्या माहात्म्य हुआ ! अतः भजन करनेवाले और न करनेवालेके साथ यथायोग्य बर्ताव करना ही भगवान्‌की समता है; और अगर भगवान्‌ ऐसा नहीं करते तो यह भगवान्‌की विषमता है । वास्तवमें देखा जाय तो भगवान्‌में विषमता है ही नहीं । भगवान्‌में विषमता तो भजन करनेवालेके भावोंने पैदा की है अर्थात् जो संसारसे सम्बन्ध-विच्छेद करके केवल भगवान्‌में ही लग जाता है,उसके अनन्य-भावके कारण भगवान्‌में ऐसी विषमता हो जाती है, भगवान्‌ करते नहीं ।

From Gita Darpan

Dear sadaks,
Simple example. Cell phone tower, the wave are everywhere in that region. Satellite waves are anywhere in the world. But who taps the signal called worships  they receive message, video, audio etc and the signals are in the hands of person who taps it. So GOD in them. So call  signal,as universal conscience, GOD, Energy etc is filled everywhere. You tap it signal (God) enters you. Those who do not tap it, NO signal (God not in them) it is their ignorance and one who tap it is knowledge (Gyana) of using the energy.   


Sawan ke anddhe ko sab kucch hara dikhta hea.If we donit taint our view molested by colors of jealousy enmity He will appear impartial and inspiring a fair clear view. Subhash Tewari

God partial नहीं है। वह सभीके लिये समान है। 
क्या सूर्य partial है जो उसे ही दिखायी देता है जो आँखें खोलता है जबकि उसे दिखायी नहीं देता जो आँखें नहीं खोलता है (बंद रखता है)?


Hari Om

Can there be a more childish Q than this ? !!! Why does He declare what to His children, are the children competent to grasp that ? No... They are are typically brat children, in fact. These children know only to find faults with their elders, and that is what is called their wisdom. Ha....!!!

Any way ... !!! Let us still address the Q....!!!!

Understand what is Equanimity first. Does Equanimity mean "same conduct to all" ? No... !!! That is equanimity of DEATH ( Yamaraja). That cannot be the equanimity of Paramatma. In essence God is "samoham sarvabhuteshu" - but the devotees realize " Mayi te teshu capyaham" . It means that though Lord equally pervades all beings, YET ONLY DEVOTEES REALIZE THIS FACT; OTHER BEINGS DO NOT REALIZE IT. Though God is in all equally, but who realises that? Do we all realise that ? We are busy in using our minds and arguing more, isn't it ? Actually, it is only when devotees realize this fact, that His grace specially starts reflecting in them. But who understands this ? Only those, whose I-ness has come to an end !!! How do you approach Him ? Think of that !!! If you approach Him with devotion He especially gets reflected in you, but if you do not approach Him with that sentiment, though He is equally in you, He does not get reflected in you especially. This is the theme of this verse. Any takers ? 

As a good conductor of heat, or electricity, conducts heat or electricity, but some other substances, do not conduct at all. The defect does not lie, with the source of energy, but with the instrument !!! Isn't it ? So pay attention to the substances and not to the source of energy....if you can. 

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B


Hello there,

God is not partial. If you do not want to "think about God" and pray then why should God think about
you? Why should God make "no difference" between people who do "Thinking Divine, 24/7" and
people who do not?

Bye. Good luck!


Shree Hari Ram Ram

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