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[gita-talk] Is this embodied soul born of God ? Is it a piece of Him ?


Shree Hari 


English Translation - 

I humbly request that if someone in my name, appears to be bahaving against these principles  and thoughts (noted in Ek Sant ki Vasiyat), then one must try to make every effort to prevent him from doing so......

He who says he is my disciple and considers himself to be blessed by me and gives discourses and seeks respect and recognition, who takes money from devotees, who keeps contact with women, who takes gifts or asks for things, he must be considered a deceitful person.    He who accumulates money in my name, he incurs grave sin. That person's sins are not eligible for forgiveness.

-   Shri Swami Ramsukhdasji
From book "Ek Sant Ki Vasiyat" in Hindi pg 12 -13

Please read the above carefully and remain ever alert !    Ram  Ram  


Question -   The 'jiva'  (embodied soul)  is a fragment of God (Gita 15/7).   Is this embodied soul born of God and is it a piece of Him ?  

प्रश्न‒यह जीव परमात्माका अंश है (१५ | ७), तो क्या यह जीव परमात्मासे पैदा हुआ है ? क्या यह जीव परमात्माका एक टुकड़ा है ?

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