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[gita-talk] How can all men without being perfected through many births attain the Supreme Goal in this very birth ?


This brings closure to this topic.   Thank you for your response. 

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Shree Hari   Ram Ram 

Question ‒ In the Gita, the Lord declares -  'The Yogi who strives with assiduity,  purged of sins and perfected through many births reaches the Supreme Goal.'  (Gita 6/45).   Then how can all men without being perfected through many births attain the Supreme Goal in this very birth ?   
जो अनेक जन्मोंसे सिद्ध हुआ है, अनेक जन्मोंसे साधन करता आया है,वही परमगतिको प्राप्त होता है (६ । ४५), तो फिर सभी मनुष्य अनेकजन्मसंसिद्ध न होनेसे इसी जन्ममें अपना उद्धार कैसे कर सकते हैं ?

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Shree Hari  

Swamiji's response to this question -  per Gita Darpan. 

gita talk Moderators,   ram ram
Answer ‒ This verse pertains to the topic of an imperfect Yogi who failed to attain perfection in Yoga because His mind deviated from yoga (at the time of death).   such an imperfect Yogi was purified through spiritual practice by being indifferent to the world.  Then he went to the higher worlds i.e. heave etc.  where fed up with the heavenly pleasures he was purified.     Then he took birth in the house of the pious and prosperous where he was again purified because there he made efforts to realize God.  Thus these three births denote many births in which he was purged of sins.  But the fact is that every person has been purged of his meritorious (virtuous) deeds by enjoying their fruit.  If he went to eighty four lac forms of lives, he was purged of his sins by suffering pain there.   Thus all human beings are purged of his sins by suffering pain there.   thus all human beings are purged of their sins as well as virtues.   This purgation stands for 'perfected through many births';   thus every person deserves to attain the Supreme Goal.  If he did not deserve the Supreme Goal,  God would not bestow this human body upon him. 


यह श्लोक योगभ्रष्टके प्रकरणमें आया है । पहले मनुष्यजन्ममें संसारसे उपराम होकर साधन करनेसे शुद्धि हुई, फिर अन्तसमयमें साधनसे विचलित होनेसे वह स्वर्गादि लोकोंमें गया तो वहाँ भोगोंसे अरुचि होनेसे शुद्धि हुई, और वहाँसे शुद्ध श्रीमानोंके घरमें जन्म लेकर परमात्मप्राप्तिके लिये यत्न करनेसे शुद्धि हुई । इस तरह उसका तीन जन्मोंमें शुद्ध होना ही अनेकजन्मसंसिद्ध होना है । परन्तु वास्तवमें देखा जाय तो मनुष्यमात्र अनेकजन्मसंसिद्ध है । अगर वह इस मनुष्यजन्मके पहले स्वर्गादि लोकोंमें गया है तो वहाँ स्वर्गप्रापक पुण्योंका फल भोगनेसे शुद्ध हुआ । अगर वह नरकोंमें गया है तो वहाँ नरकप्रापक पापोंका फल भोगनेसे शुद्ध हुआ । अगर वह चौरासी लाख योनियोंमें गया है तो वहाँ उन योनियोंके प्रापक पापोंका फल भोगनेसे शुद्ध हुआ । इस तरह शुद्ध होना ही प्रत्येक मनुष्यका अनेकजन्मसंसिद्ध होना है । अतः प्रत्येक मनुष्य अपना उद्धार, कल्याण कर सकता है । प्रत्येक मनुष्य भगवत्प्राप्तिका अधिकारी है । अगर वह अधिकारी नहीं होता तो भगवान्‌ यह मनुष्यशरीर ही क्यों देते ?


इसी जन्ममें अर्थात् जिस भी जन्ममें (भगवत्कृपासे) परमात्मप्राप्ति होती है, उसी जन्ममें। किसी और जन्ममें नहीं। सब कुछ तो स्पष्ट है। 
क्या कोई जानता है कि किस जन्ममें परमात्मप्राप्ति होनी है? केवल भगवान् ही जानते हैं कि किस जन्ममें उन्हें उसे अपनी प्राप्ति करानी है। क्या शास्त्रोंमें कहीं प्रमाण है कि किसीको पहलेसे पता हुआ हो कि किस जन्ममें उसे परमात्मप्राप्ति होगी? साधकको तो ऐसी किसी घटनाका पता नहीं। 


Hari Om

Verse 6/45 of Gita is about DHYAAN YOGI - one who does striving taking help of inert viz concentrates his mind. The path of Dhyaan Yoga is difficult and long. But that is not so in case of other paths viz Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga etc. Secondly, the more focuses you are, faster you realise God. In Dhyaan Yoga also , if there is a burning desire, you get Realization faster. Hence striver's should not discouraged - there is no place for failure in the path of God, there is always progress. Do not talk, put yourself in. 

Jai Shree Krishna

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