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[gita-talk] Clarification - If God is Unthinkable, how can He be meditated upon and vice versa?


Shree Hari 

परमात्मा अचिन्त्य है‒'अचिन्त्यम्', उसका जो चिन्तन (स्मरण) करता है‒'अनुस्मरेत्' (८ । ९), तो जो अचिन्त्य है, उसका चिन्तन कैसे ? और जिसका चिन्तन होता है, वह अचिन्त्य कैसे ?

God is 'Achintyam' (unthinkable),  but Lord says to 'anusmaret' to meditate (to think, remember, contemplate) on Him.  (Gita 8/9).  How to meditate on, (to think of)  the Unthinkable ?  And that which one can meditate, think, contemplate  on,  How is He unthinkable ?  

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Shree Hari  Ram Ram 

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