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[gita-talk] Are we entitled to "fal" of bad karma only?


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r we entitled to "fal" of bad karma only? If we r not to bear the "fal" of Karmas and r supposed to keep on doing Karma, then why  it is often said that if anything bad happens, its the "fal" of bad karma? means we have no right on enjoyment but on suffering? 

Jaya Khire


Karma can result in favorable or unfavorable circumstance. Good karma results in favorable circumstances and bad karma can cause unfavorable circumstances. 

These are external circumstances. But it is your choice to be affected by those external circumstances. You can remain happy in both favorable or unfavorable circumstances. In Gita 2/14, Krishna gives example of favorable and unfavorable circumstances as the seasons of the year. Seasons can cause heat, cold or pleasant weather. But in those circumstance, you still have option to be happy. When you remain happy (equanimous) in all circumstances, then your actions become akarma i.e. there is no karma anymore. That is called as samta in Gita (samatvam yogam ucyate).

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बंधुवर, आपके द्वारा किये (जिसमें आपकी कर्तृत्त्वकी भावना हो गयी कि मैंने किया) प्रत्येक कर्मका (फिर चाहे वह बुरा (bad) हो या अच्छा (good)) फल प्रतिकूल या अनुकूल पारिस्थितिके रूपमें आपको ही भुगतना होगा (आप उससे बच नहीं सकते)। आपके कर्मका फल कोई दूसरा भला क्यों भुगते? अपनी दृष्टि प्रतिकूल परिस्थितियों (बुरे कर्मोंके फल) पर ही मत रखिये, अनुकूल परिस्थितियों (अच्छे कर्मोंके फल) पर भी रखिये। विधानमें कोई त्रुटि नहीं है, आपके देखनेमें कमी है। 


Hari Om

You are to reap results of good, bad as well as mixed karmas. Who said that only bad results are of your own making? No one said so !! You have not framed the Q properly m nor you have remotely even been able to reflect your query. You are not supposed to keep on doing karma , you are supposed to keep on doing your "duty"- which then is not karma but "akarma". Keep doing your duty, without keeping the results in focus. 

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B


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