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[gita-talk] Are the modes born of God, or Prakriti or Nature ?


Shree Hari   Ram Ram 

We bring closure to this topic.   Also included Swamiji's response.   Thank you for taking the time.   good responses.    Ram Ram 

Shree Hari   Ram Ram 

Question ‒ In the Gita somewhere it has been mentioned that the modes are evolved from God (Gita 7/12),  while somewhere they are said to be evolved from prakriti (Nature)  (Gita 13/19;   14/5) or from men's own nature (Gita 18/41).   So are the modes born of God, or Prakriti or Nature ?   

गीतामें कहीं तो सात्त्विक, राजस और तामस गुणोंको भगवान्‌से उत्पन्न बताया गया है (७ । १२), कहीं प्रकृतिसे उत्पन्न बताया गया है (१३ । १९;१४ । ५) और कहीं स्वभावसे उत्पन्न बताया गया है (१८ । ४१), तो गुण भगवान्‌से उत्पन्न होते हैं या प्रकृतिसे उत्पन्न होते हैं अथवा स्वभावसे उत्पन्न होते हैं ?

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Swamiji's Response to this Question as stated in Gita Darpan

Answer ‒  In the context of devotion,  they are said to be born of God,  in the context of knowledge, they are said to be born of Prakriti,  while in the context of the division of actions, they are said to be born of one's nature.  

God is the master of the entire creation, the modes are born of Him.  Prakriti is the root of the entire creation,  so the modes are born of Prakriti (Nature).   But in practical life, they are born of the nature of beings.   So all the three statements are correct.  

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Hari SharaNam,
The three modes / guNas (i.e. Sattva, Raj & Tam) are evolved from the Prakriti (13/19, 14/5) only.
Since, the Prakriti belongs to the Lord (MAM YONI-14/3, ME BHINNA PRAKRITI ASTADHAA - 7/4), it is said that the modes / temperaments (i.e. saatvik, raajsik, taamsik) are evolved from the Lord (7/12).

Since, the body, in essence, is nothing but Kshetra  or Prakriti (IDAM SHARIRAM KAUNTEYA KSHETRAM – 13/1), the holder of the body will be feeling the tri-modal play of Prakriti with one mode dominating over the other two and constructing the Varnas for which the proper actions are suggested/ categorized ( KARMAANI PRAVIBHAKTAANI SVABHAAV-PRABHAVAI-GUNAI – 18/41). Though we may say that this SVABHAV / nature is of the holder of the body, but in essence it is the Prakriti / Kshetra only and hence the modes are from the Prakriti.

Niteesh Dubey


परमात्मप्राप्ति और 'वासुदेव: सर्वं' की अनुभूति एक ही हैं और 'वासुदेव: सर्वं' अनुभव होनेपर 'गुण', 'भगवान्', 'प्रकृति', 'स्वभाव' आदि सब (शब्द) उसी 'एक'में समा जाते हैं  अर्थात् 'उस'से भिन्न कुछ रहता ही नहीं तब यह प्रश्न भी 'उसी'में विलीन हो जाता है। 



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