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Shree Hari   Ram Ram   

We will use this divine opportunity where there are limited questions from sadhaks, to address Questions pertaining to the GITA.     

Question ‒ No man can perform action all the time and a person while sleeping,  breathing,  opening and closing the eyes etc. holds that he does nothing.   Then why has it been said in Gita 3 / 5 that, NONE CAN REMAIN EVEN FOR A MOMENT WITHOUT UNDERTAKING ACTION?   

Gita Talk Moderator, Ram Ram

Dear Sadaks,
  • In sleep/ awake, in mindfulness/ Coma action is taking place in the body even without the knowledge of anyone. A mad man also action is there, which is called madness. In dream stage you are not doing action but action going on in sub conscience level. Once Jeeva departs only action closed. It is surprising you will know that even when Jeeva leaves the body action is still continues. That is why based on that action, the Jeeva selects a Yoni (Garba of a female) which can be from ant to human of 8400000 types of bodies, purely based on VASANA. 

Hari SharaNam! 
As long as 'I' contains (I.e. attached with ) any part  of the gunas (i.e. Sattva, Raj, Tam ) of the Nature, the Nature will project the objective world and fource the 'I' to use the body, voice, or mind to work or feel that it is doing. See the later part of the same shloka i.e. 'Kaarayate Hi Avashah Karma Sarvah PrakrritirjairGuNai".

If one is  feeling  that he is not doing the action of breathing for example, his mind must be doing something (unless he has realized his true nature ) whether he is awake or dreaming. Even in the deep sleep or sampragyaat samaadhi, there is an individual 'I' which is enjoying the closeness of the pure universal "I". So, as long as there is individuality (built with the association of evolutes of the changing Nature ) he will be forced to work towards releasing the evolutes of the Nature.

Naiva Kinchit Karomi Iti  Yukto Manyet TattvaVit !
Pashyan SriNvan Sprishan Jigran Ashnan Gachchhan Swapan Swashan !! 
Pralapan Visrijan GrihaNan Unmishan Nimishan Api !
IndriyaaNi Indriyaartheshhu Vartant Iti Dharayan !!
( Bhagavad Gita 5/8-9 )

Niteesh Dubey


  • Hari Om

    A person may be holding anything, but that belief does not mean that he is always  right. But what Gita says is always right. A person holds that he is eating but does not hold that he is digesting the eaten food. Actually his situation is same at both the places. Just as he is not digesting food, similarly he is not eating food also. So what is the conclusion ? Conclusion is that so long as a person believes that " I am body, body is me/mine" - he is undertaking action , he can not remain even for a moment without karma/ action- even when he is digesting the food, eating, or sleeping or moving the eyelids or not moving the eye lids and so on. 

    Hence one's belief that I am doing nothing in activities like sleeping, breathing, opening , closing of eyes, circulation of blood in body etc. is misplaced so long as he believes that "I am body, body is me/mine" ! But if he does not believe that he is body, then all his actions are as good as no action- they are akarmas within the meaning of Gita.

    Jai Shree Krishna

    Vyas N B

  • Body is always doing actions. Blood always circulates, heart always pumps blood, stomach digests food, lungs always breathe etc. Same way, mind also thinks in sleep like it dreams. Mind is also active and doing actions.

    Atma (self) is beyond mind and body. Even though mind and body are always active, self does no activity. Those who see self as not body and mind and as beyond them see the truth. Self is never active. Any activity seen is due to false identification of self with body / mind.
  • g a mittal

  • all these actions(sleeping, breathing etc) are being done with unconscious state of mind but still being done by men. Hence Krishna is rightly saying that no one can ever live without action even for a moment.
    Only when sadhak realize that he is not the doer in all actions (consciously done or unconsciously done) and thus gives up attachment to the fruits of actions that his karma becomes akarma.
  • r m mehta


  • भैया, आपने सुना नहीं? स्वामीजीने कितनी बार कहा है : कुछ नहीं करना भी करना है। 
    प्राणी सोतेमें, सांस लेतेमें, आँखें खोलते-मूँदतेमें दिखाई नहीं देता कि कुछ कर रहा है जबकि वस्तुत: वह कुछ भी नहीं करनेका कर्म तो कर ही रहा होता है। 
    गीता 3 : 5 में इसीको शरीरस्थ (प्रकृतिस्थ) जीव के लिये कहा है कि क्षणमात्रको भी कर्म किये बिना नहीं रह सकता।   


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