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[gita-talk] Why Gita 3/15 says that God is present only in sacrifice when God is Omnipresent ?


Shree Hari 

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God is omnipresent,  then why has it been said in Gita 3/15 that He is always present only in sacrifice ?   Is He not always present at other places ?

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  • Hari SharaNam,
    God is omnipresent and therefore he is present in every place.

    Gita 3/15 does not say he is present only in sacrifice. It says he is always present in YAGYA (TASMAAT SARVAGATM BRAHM NITYAM YAGYE PRATISHTHITAM).
    How is he always present in YAGYA? Because he is the initiator (3/15,17/23) , enjoyer (5/29, 9/24), protector (8/4, 9/24) of the YAGYAs (i.e. selfless effort dedicated to the Lord towards realizing the Lord/ TRUTH/ ..) and blesses the performers of YAGYAs with the AMRIT / nector as the remnant of the YAGYAs which is nothing but his true form (i..e ETERNAL BRAHM).


    Niteesh Dubey


  • Dear Sadaks,
    God is Omnipresent, but you cannot see. But in sacrifice you can see HIM. Sadaks wants real examples please ask.


  • Hari Om

    Where does 3/15 say that He is present "ONLY" in sacrifice ? No...Gita does not say so - your caption to the Question erroneously may say so, but not Holy Gita. 3/15 says He is "ever present" in duty not He is "only present" in duty. 

    Jai Shree Krishna

    Vyas N B


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