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[gita-talk] What does 'placing reliance' mean ?


It has been said :  it is only by placing reliance on a thing, that one's  subservience (captivity, bondage) arises,  it makes him dependent, and bound to inertness and feeling of lacking.   

What do the words in the preaching -  आश्रय लेने से (placing reliance) mean? Is placing reliance an action,  or is it a sentiment (bhaav),  or is it a thought,  or is it faith,  or what is it ?   

Please explain in such a way,  that the saying is understood and retained as the words are intended .




कहा है : आश्रय लेने से ही वस्तुओं की दासता उत्पन्न होती है, जो मानव को पराधीनता, जड़ता एवं अभाव में आबद्ध करती है। 
कथनमें कहे गये शब्दों - आश्रय लेने से - से क्या तात्पर्य है? आश्रय लेना क्रिया है या भाव है या विचार है या विश्वास है या फिर क्या है?
कृपया ऐसे समझायें कि समझकर कथन उसके अभीष्ट अर्थोंमें धारण हो जाय। 


Shree Hari  Ram Ram 

Sadhakji,   Whenever there is a question and you are quoting Swamiji,  please kindly include the book and page etc.  (source of Swamiji's statement).  It will be helpful to those who are responding to your query.   Thank you,  

Gita Talk Moderators,   Ram Ram  


"आश्रय लेने से ही वस्तुओं की दासता उत्पन्न होती है" is generally used in context of accepting this world as mine. We take reliance of objects and people when we accept this body as ours and the objects as ours. When we accept Bhagavan as ours and not the world, then automatically we place reliance of Bhagavan and not on this world including body and objects.

You need to focus on accepting Bhagavan as yours and world as NOT yours. This is acceptance of truth which means that it is faith and sentiment both. I don't know what you exactly mean by these terms. It is beautifully explained by Swamiji in following statement --

उन वस्तुओ में अपनेपन का त्याग नहीं होता तो कोई बात नहीं; परन्तु 'शरीर संसार मेरे नहीं हैं' यह बात सच्ची है - इतना आदर तो आपको करना ही चाहिए! भगवान न दिखे तो न सही, पर 'भगवान हमारे हैं, हम भगवान के हैं' - यह बात सच्ची है। (साधन सुधा सिंधु - सुगम साधन - भक्ति अध्याय ९ से)

Please meditate on above statement and you will get the answer of your question.

g a mittal



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