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[gita-talk] Fw: What is the Truth ?


It has been said :  When Pleasure comes, it is pleasing, and when pain goes, it is pleasing.  
Sadhak wishes to know that whatever is called pleasure and pain, do they really exist ,  that it's existence is only an assumption that there is pleasure and there is pain ?  That whose existence (that this is) is proven, that same thing's non-existence (that it is not there), how can it be proven?  Through logic, reasoning, argument "Is" and "Is not' can they ever be proven ?  

What is the truth,   please explain.  


कहा है : सुख आता अच्छा लगता है और दुःख जाता अच्छा लगता है। 
साधक जानना चाहता है कि जिसे भी सुख या दुःख कहा गया है, वे सचमें होते 
भी हैं या उनके होनेकी मान्यता मात्र ही होती है कि सुख है या कि दुःख है?
जिसका होना (कि वह है) सिद्ध है उसका नहीं होना (कि वह नहीं है) कैसे 
सिद्ध होगा? क्या तर्क द्वारा 'है' को 'नहीं' सिद्ध किया जा सका है कभी?
सच क्या है, कृपया समझाइये। 


That which was not in the past and which will not be in the future, but that which seeming exists only in present is called Unreal. Those objects, that have a beginning and an end, don't exist in the present as well. (आदावन्ते च यन्नास्ति वर्तमानेऽपि तत्तथा' - माण्डूक्यकारिका). Unreal is non-existent in the present and reality seen is considered illusory.

Please tell me if pleasure and pain experienced by you in your childhood exist. As soon as moment passes, the experiences of those moments are gone. After death, none of those will exist. It is sure that the body and experiences of body won't exist after some time. Non-existence is a fact and can be proven.

It is hard to prove what exists. Acceptance of existence of "atma" is based on faith. Non-existence of body and its experiences are easy to prove. Just imagine yourself a moment before death. Non-existence will become clear.

g a mittal


Priya Sadak Ji,
Sukh Dukh kewal man (Mind) ka abav hai. Asal main sukh dukh exixt nahee karta! Udaranj kae tor par 1 maheenae (month) bhache ka baap marjata hai. Uskoo koyee dukh nahee hota kintu uskee Maa kae liyee usee Admee ka marna atant dukh dayee hai. yeh isliye hota hai kiyku bacha man viksit nahee hota aur maa ka man (Mind) nae maan liyee hai ki voh aadmi uska aona hai!

Narayana Narayana

(Kuldeep Kumar Kaul)


Jai Shri Krishna, 
I believe that pleasure & pain are in our mind and relative terms. Our soul / ATMA has nothing to do with them. 

Sadhak.   Yogen Vyas 


Lovely matra for meditation! Thank you!


Hari Om

If they don't exist, how are you talking about them ? Not only they exist, we all experience the same in our day-to-day life, don't we ? You get hit, don't you feel pain ? I insult you, don't you feel anger ? What "assumption" ? Self, I repeat "Self" ( not mind or body or intellect) experiences the pleasures and pain ....SELF ( the soul ) , man, self experiences that !!! If self does not experience, who experiences ? Body/ mind/ intellect - these are inerts, they have no capacity to experience. Does a machine experience the pain of getting broken down ? Talk of your direct experience on this Forum.

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B




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