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[gita-talk] Daily Bhagavad Gita Message (Gita 18-46)


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Daily Bhagavad Gita Message  

Gita 18-46

yataḥ pravṛttirbhūtānāṁ yena sarvamidaṁ tatam
svakarmaṇā tamabhyarcya siddhiṁ vindati mānavaḥ

He from Whom, all beings have emanated and by Whom all this is pervaded-- by worshiping Him, through performance of one's duty, man attains perfection.


This universe is the first incarnation of God-- 'ādyo'vatāraḥ puruṣaḥ parasya' (Śrīmadbhāg. 2/6/41). Therefore, this world is an image (icon) of God. As in this image or idol we worship God, offer flowers, apply sandal wood paste, our sentiment is not in the idol but it is in God instead, in other words, we are not doing the worship of the idol but doing the worship of God; similarly,  we have to worship God in the form of this world by each and every action of ours. The listener should worship the orator by listening to him, the orator should worship the listener by giving his discourse-- thus all beings should worship one another through the performance of their duty. They should have an eye on God rather than on 'Varṇa' such as Brāhmaṇa and Kṣhatriya etc. As the sages and saints did obeisance to Lord Rāma by regarding Him as God rather than a Kṣhatriya.  

The prime feeling in worship should be-- everything belongs to God and it is only for Him. As we worship the holy Ganges with the Ganges-water and worship the sun with a lamp, similarly we have to worship God with the His things. By worshipping God in this manner, the world would be gone and only God will remain, in other words, one would  experience that  'everything is only God'.

The Lord has declared in the 10th chapter, I am 'the Self' seated in the hearts of all beings-- ahamātmā guḍākeśa sarvabhūtāśayasthitaḥ' (10/20) Therefore, supposing  we serve any being, pay respects and greet him, that service will be only to God. But if we disrespect and humiliate any being, it will be disrespect and humiliation to God only.

If a spiritual aspirant sees the world as world, he should offer the service to it and if he sees the world as God, he should worship it. Do not do anything for oneself. Doing work for oneself is binding, doing for the world is service and doing it for God is worship.

From Gita Prabodhani in Hindi, by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram


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