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[gita-talk] Daily Bhagavad Gita Message (Gita 18-44)


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Daily Bhagavad Gita Message  

Gita 18-44

kṛṣigorakṣyavāṇijyaṁ vaiśyakarma svabhāvajam
paricaryātmakaṁ karma śūdrasyāpi svabhāvajam

Agriculture, rearing of cows and trade are the duties of a Vaiśya, born of his own nature, and service of all three castes is the duty of a Sūdra, born of his nature.

Man is born according to Gunas and Karma, therefore his caste is determined by  birth. Behavior of the person in society in terms of food and marriage etc. is dominated by caste but in the attainment of God, discrimination and sentiments are important and neither the caste 'jaati', nor 'Varna'. As all children are equally entitled to go in mother's lap, in the same way all beings are equally entitled to attain God since they all are a fragment of God. All persons are independent, competent, capable, fit and deserving to realize God, get liberated, achieve absolute knowledge, attain love of God and be able to see God. Even though belonging to low caste, Vidura, Nishadraj, Guha, Kabir, Raidas, Sadan barber etc., due to their deep devotion to God, they excelled in the spiritual path, not because of Varna or caste. Therefore the body may be of a Brahmin or Sudra, there would be a difference in the behavior in society but in the attainment of God there is no difference. The reason is that attainment of God is achieved by breaking the relationship with the body. If the bond of relationship is to be broken, then it no longer matters whether the body belongs to higher or lower class.
Due to imposition of Gunas, in whichever Varna a person is born, his actions  are performed according to that Varna; as for a Brahmin, control of senses and the mind etc.; for a Kashatriya, the heroism and splendor etc.; for a Vaishya, agriculture and cow rearing, for a Shudra, service of society-- these actions happen always very naturally. For doing these actions it does not require any extra effort. In these actions, each one has a natural liking.       

From Gita Prabodhani in Hindi, by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram


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