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[gita-talk] What is the Truth about Realization?


What is the Truth about realization ?  

In Sadhak Sanjivani it is said :  Those who have realized God ...........  but those who have not realized God ..........  (Pg.  880 -  hindi) 
This sadhak wants to understand that when in this world,  every 'ansh' of Paramatma, becoming a "jeev"  (embodied soul),  is inseparable from it's source (Paramatma),  then how is there any possibility of any sort of separability,   in a 'jeev', pertaining to God Realization?  

Please explain. 



सच क्या है?

साधक-संजीवनीमें कहा है : जिन्होंने भगवानको प्राप्त कर लिया है … … … परन्तु जिन्होंने भगवानको प्राप्त नहीं किया है … … … (पृष्ठ 880) 
साधक समझना चाहता है कि जब जीवलोकमें जीव बना हुआ परमात्माका प्रत्येक अंश अपने अंशीसे अभिन्न है तो उनमें (भगवानकी प्राप्ति संबंधी)
कैसी भी भिन्नता क्योंकर संभव है? 
कृपया समझायें। 


Nitya praapt ki praapti ki baat ho rahi hai.   kewal apni drishti Paramatma ki aur karni hai,  jo abhinna hai,  kabhi apne se alag hua nahi,  hai nahi,  ho sakte nahi,  asambhav hai.   



Dear Sadak Ji,

Truth of realization is to feel that what you call yourself YOU  are in reality beyond your physical body, spiritual or metaphysical body, mind, budhi, ego and even your consciousness. This is because all those mentioned items are yours or, in other words are your properties while; REALIZING THEAT YOU ARE SOMETHING BEYOND BEYOND AND MUCH BEYOND....YOU NAME IT EVEN ISHWER!

I am aware, I have written this earlier occassions as well!
 Jai Shri Krishna (Narayana)

(Kuldeep Kumar Kaul)


The atma is an amsha of God. God has produced this amsha (atma) with the intention that he will do His seva. This is possible only when the atma has priti for God. Every atma has the potential to have priti for God. However, this potential is not manifest in all. Those, in whom this potential is manifest from anadi-kAla (since eternity), are eternally engaged in the seva of God and they exist in the abodes of God (beyond material nature). Such individual atmas are called nitya-mukta. Those, in whom this potential is not manifest from anAdi-kAla have been taking birth in different life forms in this material world since eternity. Such individual atmas are called nitya-baddha. We all come under this category. It is only with the mercy of a bhakta that sometime, some fortunate atma gets genuinely interested in God and then, through the right kind of sadhana, does priti manifest in him and then he becomes God-realized and he goes to one of the abodes of God beyond material nature. -Japesh Bandyopadhya



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