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[gita-talk] Giving birth to child is biological or spiritual process ?


Giving birth to child is biological or spiritual process ?
One of my friend has put some question to me.

Now a days young couple make love frequently and below are the questions.. 

how many child one should have ? 1  2 or 3 or more?
is giving birth is a biological process or a spiritual process (new soul take a body).
What to do for unplanned child? 
Now a days abortion pills are easily available in market & people use it frequently.

I have answered the question as below.
Self realisation is the goal of life and sex has lease priority in that.

Sexual relation ship are allowed only for reproduction not for pleasure.
So if we do sex only for reproduction then these kind of situation will not come.

According to me the process of giving birth is biological & spiritual both.Even i ended up with a conclusion that 
birth is totally spiritual as the life come to the body by the Grace of God only.

My friend was satisfied with the answers but in turn he said the point which I made are not valid for this generation.
Practically it's not possible to make love only when you want kids and keep unplanned child.

As i had no answer for him so I thought i will put you to you guys. 

Ram Ram...


  • Dear Sadaks,
    Giving birth to a child is purely nothing but your own past birth Karma. Read Vivekacudamani and know perfectly.
    B.Sathyasnarayan- Chennai 


Getting human birth is to pursue spiritualism and to getting rid off from chain of birth and death.   Giving birth is both spiritual and biological process.  The child is expected to do the final rites to the departed soul of the father to erase the sin of his father for giving him birth.

with namaskarams to sadhaks



श्री Japesh Bandyopadhyay जी !
कृपया यह और बता दें कि सृष्टिमें इस समय जितने भी जीवित zygote अस्तित्वमें हैं (संख्या शायद ही कोई बता सके, न तो जीव-वैज्ञानिक और न ही शास्त्र बताते हैं), निश्चित रूपसे सभी zygote में आत्मा एक ही समयमें (at same moment of time) enter हुई अथवा अलग-अलग समय (point of time) में? zygote बनानेवाले sperm और ovum एक ही समयमें (at same moment of time) unite हुये हों, यह कैसे संभव हो सकता है?
अब यदि आप कहते हैं कि zygote में आत्मा अलग-अलग समय (point of time) में enter हुई तो कृपया बताइये कि आत्मा (जिसे सर्वगत कहा गया है, या आप उसे सर्वगत ही नहीं मानते) जो अलग-अलग zygote में enter हुईं उनकी संख्या कितनी होगी? सर्वगत तो एक ही हो सकती है दो नहीं, दो होते ही उनमें space होगी। 
कृपया अपने कथनको स्पष्ट कीजिये। 


Indrani द्वारा पूछे प्रश्न (
when does the atman enter the body?) 
को समझा नहीं। 
क्या जिसे आत्मा कहा गया है (जो पहलेसे ही सर्वगत है), वह किसी शरीरमें (जो सर्वगत नहीं है) प्रवेश कर सकता है? 
'प्रवेश करना' (enter) की परिभाषाके अनुसार प्रवेश वहीं किया जाता है जहाँ प्रवेश करनेवाला पहले नहीं होता। टीवी सीरियलों में जो कुछ भी आत्मा संबंधी दिखाया 
जाता है, उससे भ्रमित होकर सर्वगत आत्माको वह मत समझें जो वह नहीं है अर्थात आत्मा कहींसे आता या कहींको जाता हो। आत्मा (जिसको परमात्माका अंश कहा गया है) अपने अंशी परमात्मासे पूर्णत: अभिन्न (सर्वगत) होते हुये कहीं आने-जानेवाला हो ही नहीं सकता।  


 Every thing that happens in the Universe is divine spiritual process : some of these divine processes  are physical in form, content and as a phenomenon.
Basudeb Sen


This is a response to sadhika Indrani ji's question, "When does the atman enter the body?" The atman, along with the sukshma sharir (subtle body), enters the womb of the mother during the time the sperm unites with the ovum and the zygote is formed. Which atman will enter? This depends on the samskaras of the parents and their mental state during their union. If they unite only for pleasure, a lusty individual will enter the womb. Hence we have provisions in the shastras on when to unite and how to unite. If we follow the provisions, a physically strong, emotionally stable, intellectually advanced and spiritually elevated child will be born. -Japesh Bandyopadhyay

  • Sex is normal part of life. Having sex is biological as it involves human biology!

  • "vasudeva sarvam" - So, sex is divine also.

    India cannot continue to increase its population. Otherwise, chaos and suffering will increase further. Environment and animals will also be destroyed. In current context, increasing population seems wrong to me.

    In India, there is concern for safety of women in India. Girl cannot walk on road at night safely. Men are so low grade that they can get excited easily by women who wear mini-skirts etc. Don't be such a low grade men. As long as you do sex for mutual happiness, it is good. At least don't hurt women for sex and control them as that is quite prevalent in India now.
GA Mittal


साधक द्वारा मित्रके प्रश्नोंके उत्तर :
एक - बच्चोंको जन्म देना मनुष्यके हाथमें नहीं है। यदि है तो कृपया उन सभी निस्संतान दम्पतियोंको 
विधि बतायें जो संतान पानेके लिये तरस रहे हैं। बच्चोंकी संख्याका निर्धारण समाजमें कब-कब हो सका है?
दो - बच्चेका जन्म होना दैवी (मनुष्येतर नियंत्रित) प्रक्रिया है। शरीरका जन्मना जैविक प्रक्रिया है। 
बच्चेका जन्म होना आत्मिक (spiritual) प्रक्रिया संभव ही नहीं (न करोति न लिप्यते)। 
तीन - जिसे unplanned child कह रहे हैं वह deliberately done sexual act का परिणाम है। 
जब sexual act deliberately planned था तो उसका result (child) unplanned कैसे? 
किसीने सच कहा है : जैसा करोगे, वैसा भरोगे।  
चार - गर्भ-समापनकी गोलियाँ बाजारमें उपलब्ध हैं तो हों, हमें उनका आश्रय नहीं लेना। 
जो पत्नीको भोग्या समझते हैं, वही उसको इन गोलियोंका सेवन कराते हैं अथवा स्वयं vasectomy कराते हैं। 
हमें उन जैसा नहीं बनना। संतति नियमनका नैसर्गिक उपाय संयम है।  
समझ अपनी-अपनी। 


dears in fact the sex is good and divine when you use it naturally for reproduction. let us see where we stand in this cosmos of living beings. we are the only species of living beings who indulge in sex for pleasure sake rest of the whole life uses sex for reproduction once a year. more we indulged in sex more we were drawn to perversion to wards annual ,oral even telephonic sex and many more. we the crown of the creation the man has fallen worst than an animal. in order to be real humans in India sex beyond decent limits  is taboo and looked down upon. so let us try to follow the natural path set for the humans by the nature. if every individual acts positive the success is not far off.

c k kaul 


when does the atman enter the body?



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