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[gita-talk] Giving birth to child is biological or spiritual process ?


Giving birth to child is biological or spiritual process ?

One of my friend has put some question to me.

Now a days young couple make love frequently and below are the questions.. 

how many child one should have ? 1  2 or 3 or more?

is giving birth is a biological process or a spiritual process (new soul take a body).

What to do for unplanned child? 

Now a days abortion pills are easily available in market & people use it frequently.

I have answered the question as below.


Self realisation is the goal of life and sex has lease priority in that.

Sexual relation ship are allowed only for reproduction not for pleasure.

So if we do sex only for reproduction then these kind of situation will not come.

According to me the process of giving birth is biological & spiritual both.Even i ended up with a conclusion that 

birth is totally spiritual as the life come to the body by the Grace of God only.


My friend was satisfied with the answers but in turn he said the point which I made are not valid for this generation.

Practically it's not possible to make love only when you want kids and keep unplanned child.

As i had no answer for him so I thought i will put you to you guys. 

Ram Ram...


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