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[gita-talk] Daily Bhagavad Gita Message (Gita 18-31)


    ||   Shree Hari    ||

Gita 18-31  

yayā dharmamadharmaṁ ca kāryaṁ cākāryameva ca

ayathāvatprajānāti buddhiḥ sā pārtha rājasī

O Partha (Arjuna), that intellect by which one incorrectly understands Dharma (righteousness) and Adharma (unrighteousness), and also what ought to be done and what ought not to done, is Rājasika.


When the dirt gets mixed with water, the water no longer remains clean and pure, in the same way, when Rajo Guna (attachment) comes in the intellect, the intellect does not remain clean and pure. Therefore, there is a difficulty in understanding of Dharma-Adharma (righteousness- unrighteousness) etc. When the person does not know properly the Dharma-Adharma and what ought to be done-not to be done, how can he know bondage and liberation? He cannot know. It is so when the intellect is tainted with attachment, due to predominance of attachment he does not give importance to Viveka (discrimination). Being swayed by the taint of perishable of worldly objects, his Viveka  gets enveloped.   

From Gita Prabodhani in Hindi, by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram


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