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[gita-talk] Why should we do any pithrukaryam for this departed soul ?


Hare krishna,

Pithrukaryam is done for the departed soul.  But soul has no birth or death.  It is real.  When that is the case why should we do any pithrukaryam for this departed soul.  I seek respected Sadhaks explanation on this.



साधकको जिज्ञासा है कि कितने शरीरोंके पितरोंका तर्पण करना चाहिये?
इस जन्मके माता-पिता [उनके माता-पिता {उनके माता-पिता (उनके माता-पिता …)}] का तो ज्ञान रहता है किन्तु असंख्य पूर्व-जन्मोंके माता-पिता और उनके पितरोंका ज्ञान कहाँ रहता है?


जिस प्रकार अगोचर परमात्मा पूजा-अर्चना द्वारा समर्पित नैवेद्यको ग्रहण करते हैं उसी प्रकार पितृकार्य द्वारा समर्पित खाद्य-सामग्रीको अव्यक्त आत्मा ग्रहण करते हैं।  
जिसे आत्मा कहा है वह सर्वगत होनेसे शरीरसे depart नहीं करता अपितु शरीर उससे प्राप्त जीवनसे deprive होकर मृत्युको प्राप्त होता है। शरीर जन्मता है, शरीर ही मरता है। आत्मा न जन्मता है और न ही मरता है। 
पितृकार्य करनेसे स्वयंको शान्ति और संतोष मिले तो अवश्य करना चाहिये। 
पितृकार्य करनेसे परिजन शान्ति और संतोष अनुभव करें इसलिये भी अवश्य करना चाहिये। 
भौतिक स्तरपर इन तथ्योंको प्रमाण सहित समझाना अभी तक तो संभव नहीं है। 


Dear sadhak, In a living human being, the atma is encased in the subtle body (sukshma sharir), which in turn is encased in the gross body (sthula sharir). During death, the atma along with the subtle body, leaves the gross body and then it remains as an (atma + subtle body) unit. This is the pret-avastha, i.e. the state of the atma being encased in the subtle body alone, without any gross body. It remains in such a state till it re-incarnates under the forces of nature by entering another gross body in the womb of the next mother. There are different elements that make up the sukshma-sharir (subtle body). The manas (mind) is one of those elements. All knowledge, all vAsanas, all smriti are there in the manas in the subtle body, just as they were when the person was alive. He/she remembers everything, perceives everything but cannot do anything in this gross material world because it does not have a gross body with which to act. This is a state of extreme frustration and distress. The vasanas are all there, the understanding and remembrance are all there, but the body with which to act, is not there. Higher the state of attachment to the material world, more intense is this distress. The pitri-karya done after the departure of an individual is meant for giving some relief to the atma & sukshma sharir combination. Only when the individual, in a particular human birth, develops an attachment for God, does the sukshma sharir as well as the sthula sharir shed away during death and the atma alone then goes to God. This is called mukti. Till then (from anAdi-kAla), the atma continues to carry this cover of sukshma-sharir all the time and transmigrates from one gross body to another. -

Japesh Bandyopadhyay


Dear ALL,
All the responses to the question as to, "why should we do any pithrukaryam for the departed soul ?"  are quite correct & well said. To my mind, we do/should do "pithrukaryam" just to satisfy our own selves first & then the departed person to revive our past active & loveful relational memories with the departed soul. Also, since, we are not able to fully believe cent percent that we and departed soul are different than physical body so we must keep on becoming happy w.r.t. physical body only till we can become bram-gyani understanding that we are not physical body actually but something else. At that stage only, automatically performing or, not performing pithrukaryam would be one and the same thing!


(Kuldeep Kumar Kaul)


thy were living gods we have seen hence we have to perform their last > rites and every year > god bless you all >

 swamiji  (Swami Krishnanand) 


Dear Sadaks,
The soul has travelled from body to body numerous times. But your so called parents who were cause for giving your body, have committed a karma, which goes into your credit account. To clear this credit account you do pthiru karma. This pthiru karma pays back your dues to your parent who may in any form. 1) You close your dues. 2) diseased parent may be in a form of cow, the cow gets good grass, good owner etc. 3) your diseased parent dues closes. The concept by this is, if NO dues that soul uplifts to heaven or better birth from cow.


Dear Vaidyanathan Ji,
The soul has no birth - no death. But since every individual is not Aatma-Gyani (soul realised) and he/she has attachments with body & senses, that fellow is not spiritually liberated & therefore goes to some other Yoni (carry new body). To elevate him/her from lower Yoni to upper one & to get blessing of our ancestors, Shradhda & other Pitru Karya is done with Shradha.



Dear Sri Vaidyanathan, please try to listen to Garuda Purana pravachana. It gives a lot of details about pitrukaryam. Regards.



You are right that a departed soul is always alive as it carries forward the subtle body to next loka. For that reason it becomes even more important that the sons do the tarpan/shraad/pithrukaryam.
In this karma kaand one has to feed Brahmins, crows, gau, dogs with sam-bhaav that only one god resides in all. Even one could also do charity during this period for the needy.
This karma kaand becomes a punya, that benefits the subtle body of departed soul, as this karma represents the good samskaras the departed soul left behind in his/her next generation.
This results in +ive reaction from subtle body of departed soul in form of blessings. Like devtas respond to yajna, pitras respond to shraddha/tarpan/piithrukaryam. Still its better if one do these karma kandas without selfish desire of any ROI. In that scenario, this also becomes the worship of Krishna, in addition to the benefit for pitras.
Other query could be why this pitrapaksha period is observed right before sharad navratri and not any other time?


Ceremonies are done to relieve us from temporary sins. 

Sins only happen till we identify ourselves with the body. As soon as we accept ourselves as distinct from the world and part of God, there are no sins and there is no need of any ceremony for inert matter.

You don't have to do it if you accept self as eternal and NOT part of the body and world.




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