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[gita-talk] World mithya or real ?


  • world mithya or real ?
    Ram Ram,
       some philosphers said that this world is mithya and some said that word is real ....What is the true nature of
    world according to bhagwad gita ?

Gita scientifically distinguishes between the Real and Unreal. Chapter 2 starts with the description of the Real and Unreal and the discrimination between these two continues till the end. Those who know these two attain the Supreme (Gita 13.24). That which was not in the past and which will not be in the future, but that which seeming exists only in present is called Unreal. Unreal is non-existent in the present and reality seen is considered illusory. All perishable objects including the body and matter are considered unreal or illusory. The Real is that which defies all changes and remains the same in all the periods of time: past, present and future. Atma or the self characterized by the sense of "I" is eternal and real. All living entities are part of the higher nature (real) whereas their perishable bodies are part of illusory nature (unreal). When one misunderstands rope to be the snake, then the appearance of the snake is considered unreal because this hallucination is not permanent and it does not remain after the  discovery of the rope i.e real. Similarly, on waking up from dream we don't get upset with the incidents in the dream as we realize that the dream is unreal or does not exist anymore. During the dream, it may feel so real but the objects in dream have no factual existence  and therefore, imaginary, illusory and unreal. The self or the know-er of body is real whereas the non-self including body is unreal. The seer is real whereas the seen is unreal. The consciousness is real whereas inert matter is unreal.

The world is both real and unreal. Unreal does not exist. Temporary existence is unreal. In this temporary existence, the atma is real. You, the seer, are real. Even though seen is unreal, the other seers are also real. When one misunderstands rope to be snake, the appearance of snake is unreal but rope is still real. Same way, the illusory and temporary appearance of world is unreal but the basis of world (Vasudeva / atam) is real.

Goura Bola


I wonder if this story can help explain the dev vs duniya...
To engage his naughty kid, father tears a paper with nice scenery and asks his son to arrange the torn pieces so as to recreate the picture scenery.
Father thinks that it would keep the kid engaged for atleast 1 hr and he can silently focus on his reading.
Kid returns in 5 minutes with the rearranged picture...
Father is Surprised and shocked...How???
Kid explains its simple: on the back side of scenery there was a picture of a Joker. He simply arranged the body parts of Joker and lo the scenery is also rearranged...
Can we now answer if Joker is real or the scenery is real?
World on the outer side even though looks complex like scenery...on the back side there are devtaas..its easy for mind  to comprehend devtaas than this world..
.But both are real...
serving a devtaa may lead to equitable distribution of your service...serving the world may result in inequity/imbalance...
For example...when milk is poured on shivalinga or in a goddess river, it gets channeled to water sources by one or other means and thus purifying them...Value gets equally distributed to all the Jeevas who source from those water channels...On other hand when we put sever or chemical waste in water channels that also gets equally distributed to all Jeevas leading to their loss...
Thus serving a devta/devi led to equity...While disservice to devta/devi leads to loss for one and all...


Existence of the material world is real, but relative (apekshik). Absolute existence is only of God. His amsha is jivatma, His Shakti is maya and His karya is jagat. Existence of these three, i.e. jiva, jagat and maya are real but their existence depends on the existence of God. Therefore they are called relative. The material world is often called "asat" because of its fleeting nature; it is not permanent; it is subject to time. Only God is "sat" because time has no influence on Him. Sometimes the shastras describe the world as mithya. This is to reduce our attachment for this world. But the world always exists, though always changing with respect to time. WIth regards, -Japesh 


World is both mithya and  real depending how you look at it!! Bhagwat Gita tells same thing. He says Vasudeva Sarvam, meaning everything including this World is He only. Since he etrnally exists so would exist 

with continual changes! Change we wrongly consider as changes form only!....So concluding world is Real and not a Mithya!
I am

(Kuldeep Kumar Kaul)


Dear Gita-Talk People,

This universe is not real, it's only one of many menisfestations
of God. It's 'mithya' and not-real.

Good Luck! 


Shree Hari  Ram Ram  

You may find some aspects of the answer in -    

How is one to not see the "IS NOT" (unreal) and only see the "IS" (real, existent) ?

Gita Talk Moderators,   Ram Ram  



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