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[gita-talk] How to Remove thought of Superiority in the Spiritual Path ?


when we progress on spiritual path, a thought of superiority arises in mind that I am better than others because I am more to remove this thought of superiority generated by ego from mind ?



how to seperate spirituality from Ego....?

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Dear Sadhak,

This arises because of ego when yo do so sadhna you think that 'I' am doing the sadhna.

remove this 'I'.

Real sadhak does not see any difference with all are one.

Keep doing your sadhna & pray to God to overcome from this thought and realise that you are doing mistake by thinking that you are more spiritual.

You yourself stopping your spiritual growth because of this thought.

Amit G

Ram Ram


If you can notice and identify that there is a thought of superiority arises in your mind, that realization is enough.   Try to be in that witness stage as and when that thought arises.  Go ahead

राम राम UCM2014 जी!
यह ego क्या आप हैं? यह mind क्या आपका है? 
जब तक ego को स्वयं समझेंगे और mind को अपना समझेंगे, thought of superiority (या ऐसे ही अन्य विकार) से पिंड छूटना कैसे होगा? 
फिर भी जिस किसी भी उपायसे ऐसा हो जाय तो उस उपायसे अवश्य अवगत कराइयेगा। 

Isn't that true with all doshas like Ahankar, kaam, krodh, lobha, moha, raag, dosha?
Despite being on path of spirituality, there is no 100% elimination of these doshas...even the liberated bhaktas like narada was also once taken over by pride/superiority complex...then what to talk of ordinary jeevas like me who r already in grip of maya...
IMHO, our objective and focus shouldn't be to control them to 100% perfection, but to keep praying god to save us from these dosha's influence...
Trying to fully control these doshas would only help in increasing the pride/ahankaar like happened with Narada... Worshipping Brahmins, devtas and gau helps, is practical. Shiva and Vishnu take avatar for them only. Krishna also says in Gita to come to his sharnam only (which means we should work for Brahmins, devtas and gau only as Krishna only work for them)...


There is no short-cut. Abhyasen to Kaunteya, - practice with patience and perseverance. Results will come. Also attend Satsang sessions wherever applicable.

Jayantilal Shah 


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