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[gita-talk] God Vs Demi God


Ram Ram,

As par Veda's, We should not to worship demi God.

Now question is ,, Most of the people does bhakti/chanting/bhajans only for Demi God's.
I have never seen any one who was worshiping to Bramh. It seems that Bramh/God is to be known through the Gyaan....& 
All demi God's is to be known by Chanting/Bhakti/Bhajans...

God does nothing,you will always be reaping your own karmas according to your past karmas etc...

But When it comes to Demi God's we have provision for some Kripa/Grace if we do some special pooja or chanting etc...

Does really Demi Gods work ? 

If some one is facing some trouble should he go to temple or start doing chanting etc,,,, or he should move towards Gyaan & understand the Bramh itself & do his karma & fight with the situation.

or in other words How to do bhakti of Nirakkar Bramh or God is known only by Gyaan.... & demi God is only known by Bhakti....

Or How to move forward from Demi God's to God.....

PS: Ready to accept all the criticism of my thought process as I know I am going wrong , But I know there are gr8 souls  in this forum & has the ability to correct me. 

Ram Ram

Amit Gupta


Shree Hari  
Ram Ram  

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how Demi Gods have power of see, when Gita states only Krishna has such powers?

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