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[gita-talk] Fw: God Vs Demi God


Ram Ram,

As par Veda's, We should not to worship demi God.

Now question is ,, Most of the people does bhakti/chanting/bhajans only for Demi God's.
I have never seen any one who was worshiping to Bramh. It seems that Bramh/God is to be known through the Gyaan....& 
All demi God's is to be known by Chanting/Bhakti/Bhajans...

God does nothing,you will always be reaping your own karmas according to your past karmas etc...

But When it comes to Demi God's we have provision for some Kripa/Grace if we do some special pooja or chanting etc...

Does really Demi Gods work ? 

If some one is facing some trouble should he go to temple or start doing chanting etc,,,, or he should move towards Gyaan & understand the Bramh itself & do his karma & fight with the situation.

or in other words How to do bhakti of Nirakkar Bramh or God is known only by Gyaan.... & demi God is only known by Bhakti....

Or How to move forward from Demi God's to God.....

PS: Ready to accept all the criticism of my thought process as I know I am going wrong , But I know there are gr8 souls  in this forum & has the ability to correct me. 

Ram Ram

Amit Gupta


As far as I know worshipping demi gods mean 1) Following rituals with an intent to commit harm to others. 2) at another level, going after pleasures is literally against environment. Worships in this regards also worshipping demi gods.


Hari Om

Vedas don't tell you not to worship Demi -Gods ! Where do they tell so ? But Gita tells you that those who worship Demi-gods, they get Demi-gods ( what Demi gods offer you) and those who worship Supreme Lord , they get Supreme Lord. 

First understand the difference between Supreme Lord and Demi-gods. Supreme Lord is akin to the owner of the Corporate Empire, and the Demi-gods are akin to the managers. They are administrators of the empire and like any officers, they grant you favours in return of your service to them. They can grant you favours only in accordance with over all guidelines , which have been fixed by the Supreme Lord, who is the ultimate superintendent, owner and Incharge of the entire Creation. Clear ? 

Your Q is - Do Demi-gods really work ? Answer is - Yes ! But you go to them for what ? For petty worldly pleasures ! You get petty worldly things, fulfillment of your desires, as per provisions / rules/ regulations made. What you get is perishable and hence Gita calls such exercise to be futile and addresses such worshipers as " short sighted " / unwise. 

Your statement that  "God does nothing, you will always be reaping your own karmas according to your past karmas etc..." , may be true with reference to your reaping the fruits of your own karma but is not true when you say - " God does nothing". If He does not do, then who does and why ? God is the supreme power and force behind the entire Creation. Under His superintendence and control , the entire Creation including Nature , Demi-gods etc operate. 

Your next Q is - "Someone facing some trouble ...." - now what is that trouble ? You yourself said that one has to reap the fruits of one's own karma - where then remains the scope for any help except that you should face the situation ( fight with the situation - in your words). Yes - there are provisions in the Vedas for SAKAAM KARMA ( Karmas done with a worldly motive) , there are chantings for removal of adversities etc but there you do the karma in an orderly , prescribed manner and any error there may get you reverse results too ( instead of getting favors from Demi-gods, you may end up annoying them also ) !! 

So what do I convey as answer ? Face the situation with equanimity and turn towards the Supreme Lord, rather than worshipping Demi-gods. There is nothing wrong , however, in worshipping Demi-gods without any worldly motive as in that case that worship is deemed to be worship of Supreme Lord only. But going to Demi-gods for fulfillment of worldly pleasures ( including for heaven etc) is futile, short sighted, foolish and wasting effort. 

You are obviously not very clear regarding " Gyaan " , " Bhakti " etc. Your statement that Demi-gods are known by Bhakti and Supreme Lord ( you call Him as " Brahma" ) is known by " Gyaan " is not true. You should read Gita to understand what is Gyaan, what is Bhakti etc. What you get by Gyaan , you get the same thing by Karma too. By Bhakti you get something more also. Your understanding of the term Bhakti is not the understanding of Gita. You said worshipping Demi- gods is Bhakti, but that is not so. Worshipping Demi-gods for some favour or removal of adversities is not Bhakti, it is SAKAAM KARMA only. Bhakti is something different. Your understanding of the term Gyaan is also not correct. Your understanding that you get Brahma by Gyaan only is also not correct. Again , you need to know what is Nirakar, Sakar, Sagun, Nirgun and what is the difference between the path of Gyaan Yoga, Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga. Hence read Gita - Sadhak Sanjeevani Treatise on Gita, by Swamiji Shri Ramsukhdasji Maharaj- regularly. 

I hope above answers your last Q too - how to move from Demi-gods to God. 

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B 


It seems that in Gita Lord Krishna had suggested that even if the ignorant worships, with complete devotion without doubt and love, any demi-god or even anything that the ignorant considers as God, God receives and accepts that worship. There is nothing in this Universe that is not God. He is all pervasive and in everything. Whatever one worships as God, is equally good if such worship is with complete devotion, belief, faith and sincerity. One day or the other, the devotee will realize that God worship is by God's reflection nothing but  offering God's gifts in the form of illusive reflection to God in order to get out of the illusion of egoistic separate identity and merge in God, the non-dual Real.
Basudeb Sen


Very interesting question Amit...  and you have answered it yourself more or less...

It is a great game of life...very amazing life... Depending on what one thinks, believes in, one start getting the proofs that one is right... Everything you start believing in, starts working for you... In a way, one decides his life himself....

What is gyan?  Gyan consists of universal rules of life, knowledge about Self, God, and rest of the world...
Most who search/seek God have discovered the universal principles/rules of life, and understood Self... 
We all able to feel the presence of God.. 

Beyond that do we really know who God is, who we are, what is the origin of this world, where we go from here... are questions, some people understand through individual experience only, and therefore answers and descriptions are different...  we need to keep exploring....



 I feel the Godhead Lord Krishna is beyond any religion.  He is 100%
 soul personified human form  because I could see him in anything and
 every thing.  Being soul personified he uses the "I" very often when he
 speaks to the universal devotee, the great Arjuna.  By virtue of his
 personified soulness he appears everywhere when  krishna conscious
 devotees want to see him.

 It is with the arrival of demigods that all these different relegions have come up.

 The arrival of demigods is the cause of people pursuing frutive benefits
 in their life instead of spiritualism.  To make improvement in their
 material life they developed all these demigods.
with namaskarams


यह demi god किसे कहा है? स्पष्ट कीजियेगा। 
demi god का हिन्दी भाषामें शब्द-रूप क्या है?


Shree Hari  
Ram Ram  

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how Demi Gods have power of see, when Gita states only Krishna has such powers?

Gita Talk Moderators,  

Ram Ram  



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