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[gita-talk] Daily Bhagavad Gita Message - Gita 17-26


||  Shree Hari  ||

Srimad Bhagavad Gita

Seventeenth Chapter


sadbhāve sādhubhāve ca sadityetatprayujyate
praśaste karmaṇi tathā sacchabdaḥ pārtha yujyate

O Arjuna, the word 'Sat' is used in the sense of Existence Absolute (Reality or Brahman) and goodness; and the word 'Sat' is also used in the sense of  praiseworthy act. 

Existence of God ("Isness") is called 'Sadbhāva' which never ceases to be—' 'nābhāvo vidyate satah' (Gītā 2/16). Generally, all believers in God accept that there is a singular power which is above all, Who is the Supreme controller and  is also immutable. The world is subject to change every moment. The world neither existed in the past nor will exist in future and at present also it is perishing every moment. All beings and objects which have come into existence, will depart-- this is everyone's experience. Even then what appears as existence ("Isness") in the world, in fact it is because of "Isness" of God and not of the world.  It is due to existence of God only that ever changing world appears to be existent.
The noble dispositions of the mind are called 'sādhu bhāva'. The term 'Sat' has been used for noble dispositions because they are conducive to God-realization. The noble dispositions i.e., virtues and good conduct are divine traits (divine nature). The divine nature is 'Sat' (real), all the means which lead to liberation are 'Sat'.
All the virtuous actions ordained by the scriptures such as sacrifice, penance, charity, pilgrimage, vows or fast, worship-recitation and marriage etc., being praise-worthy are 'Satkarma' (good deeds). But if these praise-worthy actions have no relationship with God, these actions, instead of being called 'Sat' (the real), remain merely actions ordained by the scriptures. Though devils and demons also perform virtuous actions, such as sacrifices, penance etc, yet they lead to bondage and become 'Asat' actions because they are performed with a selfish motive and are meant to harm others (Gītā 17/19). By performing those actions even if the Abode of Brahmā is attained, they have to return from there (Gītā 8/16). But men who work for the sake of God-realization, do not meet with an evil end (Gītā 6/40); because the fruit of these actions is 'Sat' (real). Those actions performed by renouncing selfishness and pride, and for the welfare of all beings, are only in fact praiseworthy 'Satkarma'.

From Gita Prabodhini  by Swami Ramsukhdasji





Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj ki aawaaz me Nitya pathaniy Gitaji ke Paanch Shloks (Gita - 4 / 6 to 10)




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