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[gita-talk] How can Improvement Begin ?


From Swamiji's discourse today I heard, that as long your need for fame, honor,  respect, glories etc does not diminish, till then,  you will not start to move towards your aim (objective).   On hearing this is appeared as if he was referring to me.   I had the opportunity to listen to this discourse before as well.  At that time the feelings were that hence forth there should be a change,  but in ones daily life,  this is not even remembered,  that such a thing was even heard.   Swamiji has said,  that if you are unable to do so,  then call out to God,  He will most certainly listen to you and show you the path.   But I had thought that the hunger for honor, respect etc.  is not in me.   Who even remembers and regards himself as incapable and calls out to the Lord?  Today,  at this moment,   I remember.  But it is my sincere prayer to the enlightened and experienced Sadhaks,  to please show me the way.  Man Mohan Batra

सुधार कै से शुरू हो

स्वामीजी के प्रवचन में से आज सुना के जब तक अपने मान,बढ़ाई,आदर की इच्छा समाप्त, कम नहीं होगी तब तक अपने लक्ष्य की तरफ चलना शुरू नहीं होगा। सुनने पर लगा के जैसे मेरे बारे में ही बोला है। यह प्रवचन पहले भी सुनने को मिला था, उस समय तो ऐसा भाव आ जाता है के अब बदलाव् आना चाहिए लेकिन रोज़ाना के जीवन में यह याद भी नहीं आता के ऐसा सुना था।  स्वामी जी ने कहा था के न हो पाये तो भगवन को पुकारो वे अवश्य सुनेंगे और रास्ता,हल निकालेंगे लेकिन मैंने सोचा था के मान बढाई की भूख मुझे नहीं हो यह याद ही किसे रहता है जो अपने को असमर्थ समझकर पुकार करे?  मेरी प्रार्थना है के आज तो अभी याद है, कृपया मुझे तरीका बताने की कृपा करें प्रबुद्ध एवं अनुभवी साधक ।   मनमोहन बत्रा

श्री Man Mohan Batra जी!
इधर भी यही दशा थी। जब अपनी असमर्थतापर रोना भर आया तब समझमें आया : 
*एक यह कि इस इच्छाका स्वयंसे संबंध ही कहाँ है जो परेशान होते रहें? 
इच्छा मनमें आती है और मनको अपना समझना ही गलती है, उसे सुधार लीजिये तो इच्छासे संबंध-विच्छेद हो जायगा। करके देखिये तो सही। (यह उपाय श्रद्धेय स्वामीजीने सुझाया था)।  
*दो यह कि प्रकटमें लोग मान, बढ़ाई, आदर, सम्मान किसका करते हैं? 
निश्चित रूपसे शरीरको लक्ष्य करके करते हैं [जबकि न यह शरीर आप हैं, न यह शरीर आपका है, न ही यह शरीर आपके लिये है] क्योंकि स्वयं तो स्वरूपसे सर्वगत है (लोगोंको दिखाई भी नहीं देता) और शरीरके जन्मनेके पहले किसीने भी आपका (या किसीका भी) मान, बढ़ाई, आदर, सम्मान किया हो, यह जानकारी नहीं है (आप अपनी जानकारीमें खोजें तो उदाहरण नहीं मिलेगा)। फिर शरीरकी ऐसी मान, बढ़ाई, आदर, सम्मानके लिये स्वयं क्यों परेशान हों?
*तीन यह कि जब तक उपेक्षा का अमोघ अस्त्र (उपाय / तरीका /विधि /साधन) आपके पास (उपयोगमें) है तो कोईसी भी इच्छा आती है तो आती रहे (उसे मारनेमें स्वयंका जोर लगानेकी बजाय उसकी उपेक्षा ही क्यों न करें?), स्वयंका कुछ नहीं बिगाड़ सकती। बस इतना होश रहे कि (किसी भी) इच्छाका संबंध मनसे (या किसी औरसे) है और मन अपना है ही नहीं अर्थात किसी भी इच्छाका स्वयंसे कोई संबंध नहीं है।


Dear sadaks,
GOD certainly hears and showers HIS grace. For that first purify your mind. Kaaya, Maanasa, Vaacha Sudhi. Means By body, by mind and by speaking if one co-relates truth and nothing else then GOD showers HIS blessings. Other wise one is not tuned to the frequency of GOD. One may think something but speak adverse to mind and do adverse to mind and speech. Here it very important the actions of mind, body and speaking should not get attached to me and mine. Ex: Your son/daughter/wife/even parents does anything against DHARMA, one has to be stern in pointing out their mistakes as he would point out to a neighbor. As SRI RAMA did to HIS father Dasarath. By these acts of virtue, pituitary gland produces a liquid that makes brain tuned to GODLINESS.. 

Hari Om

Make a goal for yourSELF. Decide firmly, " I am Sadhak, I only have to serve all around me and focus mySELF to Divine". Decide-  I am God's, only God is mine, nothing else is mine". This OBJECTIVE FIXATION is key. You like what SWAMIJI said, but when you move towards the world, you forget- you said. Why do you forget? Do you forget to collect money from those who owe you? Do you forget while counting money? You forget, because you are not serious to Divine. You feel but that feeling is not GOAL. It is one of many. Hunger for honor- by who ? Neither you will remain, nor those from whom you are seeking honor will remain- this will be exercise in futility in due course of time. But this desire for respect will not leave you even after death.  No body can honor you the way God honors. You are not able to remember Satsanga talks, because your objective has not yet crystallised. What difference does it make if somebody does not pay respect to you ? One difference- you will be unhappy. Do you know why one gets disrespect ? Because he wants respect. If you don't want respect, no one will be able to disrespect you- it s a law.

Said SWAMIJI - " मुझे सम्मान मिल जाये" - इसी चाहना से आपका अपमान होता है" - " That I should get respect" - this desire is the cause of your getting disrespect. Said Saints- " मान-बड़ाई कूकरी, साहेब के दरबार" - In the home of God, the desire of respect, honor is like a sound of a dog. If we also want WAAH...WAAH , then ? No....! Decide firmly that you don't want any respect, honor from perishable world. It takes you no where.  Praise is of the name, honor is of body- you are neither name, nor body. Neither name is yours, not the body. This is truth. Then what do you gain by desiring ? Tell me !!! It is useless, futile and foolish desire. This body will be burnt to ashes. There are millions of people with same name. What do you gain then ? Whoever desires respect gets disrespect - this is law, infallible law. Now this s the gain. Leave this desire, Baba, leave this desire. 

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B 


roz kuch kshn kay liye duniya dari bhool jana aur prabhu kay sharan may aa jana hai shanti hai, duniya dari kitne sochenge karenge sukh nahi shanti nahi every day for several minutes stop thinking about the world and its activites and surrender to the lotus feet of god you will be happy the more you think of this world and its activities the more un happy you will be god bless you swamiji bangalore india

Swami Krishnanand

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