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[gita-talk] Heaven, Hell or Earth ? How to Explain to a Child ?


Often children have been told :   Do good unto others,  then you will attain the heavens.   If you do bad to others, then you will go to hell.   Children understand that where they are currently living,  is called the earth is  (abode of death).   It is not called heaven or hell.   Children also understand the geography of this earth.  Earth is in the solar system,  that too they are familiar with.   
When some child asks :   Where is this heaven and hell ?   How can we go there i.e. by doing what spiritual practice ?   then the answer to be given is not such that a child can understand.   How is the child to be explained this ?   

Please clarify



अकसर बच्चोंको कहा जाता है : दूसरोंका भला करोगे तो स्वर्ग मिलेगा। दूसरोंका बुरा करोगे तो नरक मिलेगा। 
बच्चे यह तो समझते हैं कि वे जहाँ रह रहे हैं, उसे पृथ्वी (मनुष्य लोक / मृत्यु लोक) कहा जाता है, उसे स्वर्ग या 
नरक नहीं कहा जाता। पृथ्वीका भूगोल भी बच्चे समझते हैं। सौर-मण्डलमें पृथ्वी ग्रह की स्थितिसे भी वे अपरिचित नहीं हैं।  
जब कोई बच्चा पूछता है : यह स्वर्ग, नरक कहाँ है? वहाँ कैसे (किस साधनसे) जाया जाता है?  
तो ऐसा उत्तर देते नहीं बनता जो उसकी (बच्चेकी) समझमें आ जाय। उसे (बच्चेको) कैसे बताया जाय? 
कृपया समाधान कीजिये। 


सुश्री कृष्णाजी!
स्वर्ग (स्वर्ग पाया प्राणी मनुष्यरूपमें अप्सराओंके साथ सुख भोगता हुआ दिखाया जाता है) और नरक (नरक पाया प्राणी भी मनुष्यरूपमें आरेसे चीरा जाता हुआ, तेलके कढावमें उबाला जाता हुआ, भयानक आकृतियों द्वारा मारा जाता हुआ दिखाया जाता है) के चित्रोंको देखकर बच्चों द्वारा पूछा गया प्रश्न है। उसी स्तरके अनुसार उत्तर हो तो उनके द्वारा बात समझना अधिक सरल होगा। 
श्री सत्यनारायणजी!
जो बच्चा मात्र प्रह्लाद, ध्रुव आदि पौराणिक भक्तोंके video देखकर समझ लेता हो, वह भला यह प्रश्न क्यों पूछेगा?

It is an important question... 

The children need to be empowered with right understanding, which will take them upwards towards a happy situation called Heaven... 

If they get conditioned by the environment and develop habits and beliefs, without the right understanding, it will take them toward a unhappy situation called Hell...

It is best to train children to 

a) Self-explore facilitated by simple questions and well thoughtout proposals to be validated at individual level using Natural Acceptance

b) Be aware of the faculty of "Natural Acceptance" within everyone of us.. Everyone of can differentiate what is naturally acceptable to us and what is not... What is naturally acceptable to us is trust, respect, love, care, etc.  Mistrust, disrespect, hatred, neglect, etc. is not naturally acceptable to anyone..

It is simpler than we think... we need to explore /try this out... there is great movement going in this direction with amazing results...



Hello  Sadak,

For any child, the environment presented to this child
as he/she is growing up is his/her heavon or hell. The
child will not know any better.

It is urged that parents present the best environment 
for their children. It is the only "hope" the children have to
hold on to.

Good Luck!



Dear Sadhakas, 
Hare Krishna,
This is in response to a question regarding heaven, hell and this earth. 

Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita,
" Dukhalayam Asasvatam"
    (Gitaji 8, 15)
Which means,
'This world is full of miseries.'
Regarding the question as to how to get out this, the answer lies in the
'Chanting of the Holy Names.'

Kaliyuge smaranan muktihi. 

Lord Krishna says in Gita,
" Yajnanam Japa yagnosmi."
( Gitaji 10, 25)

Which means,
'Of the yagnas I am the chanting of the Holy Names.'
It makes sense to get into the habit of chanting early on in life, from childhood onwards. Children learn watching us. So we should be into constant chanting. 
If we are in the direction of spiritual advancement, then we will be peaceful. Peace is happiness. 
In happiness and spiritual bliss, we find heaven on earth. 

Thank You. 

Prasad A.Iragavarapu, MD


when you see people on the road side living like not even animals, or when you see people suffering with missing important body parts suffering with pain, when you see blind maimed and spastic people all such people are in hell. while as those whom you see living normal and value based life serving the needy, respecting the deserving and loving every one alike with minimum desires and wants are in heaven. this is enough for children. for elders there are hell and heavens  there are quite a good number of lokas . a vast subject to delve here.

c k kaul


I think it is the wrong way to children that they will attain heaven if they do good things.and hell if they do bad things. It might be better to show them the traffic on the road and to tell them that if everyone does not obey rules everyone will suffer including the infringer. Tell children that we do good things for our own good and not for any rewards.



Dear Sadaks,
Children love stories. Get videos of Prahalad, Durva, etc etc and they will pick up good and bad from characters in them.
B.Sathyanarayan- Chennai 


Heaven and Hell are with us. When you help or render service to a fellow being, a serene feeling is imprinted on your Mana or Chitta. As ?chitta is mana in recollecting mode, this imprint of service is recalled and that makes one feel better and better. In that situation you are in Heaven or Svarga. If, you rcollect the harm or disservice you rendered to your neighbor, the guilt will haunt yourv chitta, whose recollection  tortures you - then you  are in Hell - Naraka. What is hidden or stored or kept GUPTA in Chitta elates you or punishes you. Hence Chitta is Chttahgupta or Chitrgupta. Yaama is instant of time. accordingly Yama is used for twins (see Amara Kosa). Mind or Mana is born with you. hence, Mana is Yama. Yama is born with you hence Mana is your Yama. What punishes you of your guilt is this Yama or Mana. 
This is for mature adults. But for children this will be too difficult. It is better to inculcate in them the right thing to do and compassion to fellow beings rather than scare them with cock and bull stories of imaginary places like Hell; and Heaven. 
In Indian context, Bhoomi is that place from which things are born and sustain. It need not mean the planet earth of our solar system. Ancient sages of yore have anticipated at least 27 such systems which may have earth-like life supporting planets.

Krishna Samudrala


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