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[gita-talk] Fw: On Exclusive Devotion (Ananyataa)


What does "Ananya" really mean ?  What does it mean when one says EXCLUSIVE DEVOTION ?   I have difficulty understanding  "I am only God's and only God is mine."  In Gita 7-19 Lord Krishna says "Vasudeva Sarvam",  so with that bhava or feeling, how is one to truly comprehend exclusivity ?  How does a devotee with exclusive devotion, behave in this world?      Briefly please -  



Shree Hari 

We strongly urge that you listen to Swamiji's pravachan on the topic of "ananyataah".   It will clarify doubts you may have on your first question about "ananya".    Please come back with further questions,  if any.   

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ananya does not exclude!


अनन्य शब्दका अर्थ है 'अन्य (कोई दूसरा) नहीं। 
EXCLUSIVE DEVOTION अर्थात अनन्य निष्ठा। 
आप चाहे समझें या न भी समझें, आप हैं तो केवल उसीकी और केवल वही आपका है। 
हमने तो इसे ऐसे समझा : यदि मैं उसका नहीं हूँ तो किसका हूँ? 
जब किसी भी उत्तरसे संतुष्टि नहीं मिली तो बात बन गयी (स्वीकार हो गयी)।  
इसी तरह : यदि केवल वह मेरा नहीं है तो और कौन मेरा है?
जब कोई भी अपना नहीं मिला [सभी (व्यक्ति, वस्तुयें, पदार्थ, क्रियायें, स्थितियाँ आदि) तो छूटते जा रहे हैं] तो बात बन गयी (स्वीकार हो गयी)।  

The meaning of the word "ananya"  is "anya nahi" (none other).  
Exclusive Devotion meaning "exclusivity and firm position" 
Whether you may understand or not,   You are only His and only He is yours. 
The way I have understood this is :  If I am not His,  then whose am I ?
When there was no satisfactions from any answer,  then the answer was clear and final (acceptance).  
In the same way :  If He is not mine,  then who else is mine?  
When no one I found to be mine (all people,  things, objects ,  actions, states etc) are separating from me.  Then it was clear (acceptance once and for all).  



when your every action word and deed is for the GOD by the GOD. nothing other than GOD is there that includes you also. example meera, shabri,radha,ramana,etc. once bhagavan, out of some mistake of  one of his devotee, reprimanded him thus. , "leave the place immediately, I don't want to see your face" devotee replied ,  "please where is the place where you are not there and can not see me. then only I can go there." GOD was silent and  was all praise for the devotee. this is annaya bhakti.

c k kaul


भैया B सत्यानारायण!
108 दिव्य लोक हैं? तेंतीस करोड़ देवी-देवता हैं?
समझ नहीं आया। 


Dear Sadaks, 
Please read in site about a gold ornament maker by the side of Sri Vital temple at Panderpur, who was staunch believer in Bhagavan Shiva. But GOD Vitalnath gave Dharshan to this man as Bhagavan Shiva. He realized that staunch faith gave results. Again there are people who by their staunch faith on Bhagavan Shiva abused Sri Vishnu. Sri Vishnu staunch bakthas abused Bhagavan Shiva. These  men Bhagavan Shiva bakthas were (Samhared) killed by Shiva HIMSELF for abusing Sri Vishnu. Same vice versa. Stanch faith is excellent, except for NOT abusing/ or disregarding other GOD. Sri Adi sankara was staunch Baktha of Bhagavan Shiva. But when he happened to cross Sri Rangam (1st Divine abode of 108 divine abodes), he went inside the temple (Whereas  and Sri Vishnu appeared as Bhagavan Shive. This is said by Sri Adi Sankara in nis song, " Oh Bhagan when did YOU make the snake on your neck to become big snake as bed etc" More clarification kindly address, and I try to do best by blessing of GOD. 
B.Sathyanarayan- Chennai


Shree Hari 

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