Tuesday, November 18, 2014

[gita-talk] Daily Bhagavad Gita Message - Gita 16-20


Sixteenth Chapter


āsurīṁ yonimāpannā mūḍhā janmani janmani
māmaprāpyaiva kaunteya tato yāntyadhamāṁ gatim

O son of Kuntī (Arjuna), entering into demonical wombs birth after birth, these deluded ones, without ever attaining Me, fall to even lower states i.e., foulest of hells.  


By the expression-- 'māmaprāpyaiva' (without attaining Me), the Lord means to say that He regrets, out of His utmost mercy, He bestowed upon them the human body to provide an opportunity to surely improve their lot. But they proved to be foolish and treacherous, instead of attaining Me in this human birth, they sank even further down to lower species.  

From Gita Prabodhini  by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Hindi :       www.swamiramsukhdasji.org


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