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[gita-talk] Daily Bhagavad Gita Message - Gita 16-17


Sixteenth Chapter


ātmasambhāvitāḥ stabdhā dhanamānamadānvitāḥ
yajante nāmayajñaiste dambhenāvidhipūrvakam

Self-conceited, stubborn, filled with pride and intoxication of wealth, these men perform sacrifices (Yajña) in name for ostentation, disregarding scriptural ordinances.


The people endowed with the demoniacal nature compete with others, therefore, they perform sacrifice to show that compared to others there is no deficiency in their sacrifice (Yajna) and no one may consider them inferior in any way in performing sacrifice. They engage in sacrifice only for their name and fame, do not have faith in the fruit of the sacrifice. When someone else is performing sacrifice they believe that others are also doing it for the name and fame. Since they do not have faith in God and in the higher worlds, they do not pay attention to scriptural ordinances. Only those people pay attention to scriptures, who believe in God and in the next world; believing that a particular action will bring a particular fruit.
Generally all actions done by the people of demoniac nature are for show  but they maintain the pride within, that they shall perform superior sacrifice than others. They also feel proud of their learning, think themselves as wise and regard others as foolish and ignorant. In fact they are full of pure foolishness only.

From Gita Prabodhini  by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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